League less lonely: launching Clubs


TLDR: Clubs are player-created, player-organized, and player-controlled social groups. The idea is to help you grow the amount of available friends at any given time so you can head to the Rift with the right teammates, every game.

Back in November, we announced clubs as part of the 2016 season update. A new way to organize persistent chat groups, you create and join clubs with unique in and out of game tags to show off your shared tastes wherever you are in the client.

When you create or join a club, you’ll enter a persistent chat room that sticks around even when you’re not logged in. Surround yourself with likeminded League players and get into game with friends you want on your team.

You can find clubs in the social panel, where the “chat rooms” button used to be (if you’re not sure where that was, hopefully we have a handy graphic to show you below).

If you want to create a club, you can invite up to 49 friends to join at launch (we’re likely going to increase the cap, but we’re being conservative to start because persistent chat can get pretty clunky with too many users). You’ll have tools to moderate the club and manage the roster (appointing officers and such if you like).

What's in a club? Well, that's entirely up to you. From esports fans to collegiate gamers, clubs can form around just about anything. And as a bonus, you can rep your club on the battlefield with tags attached to your summoner name. Just as a note: because you can be a part of multiple clubs at the same time, there'll be a way to swap which tag you sport in-game. Last thing to mention here, club names and tags are unique, so you can only create one club of any given name or tag, and there’ll be a few reserved names and tags (for example, using the tag [RIOT] or [#$%^] isn’t going to fly).

There’s still a lot more to come from clubs, as this initial launch is just the foundation for updated and improved social features in League. Some of the visuals are still a little less polished than we’d prefer, but we think it’s important for you to get your hands on clubs now and we can clean things up over the next few patches. We’re also definitely looking to hear from you on how you’re using clubs, and what you’d like to see in the future. So we’ll see you on the battlefield, tags on.

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2 years ago