Ping muting, surrender at 15, and more on the way

By Riot NaKyle
Editor's Note: These features will be rolling out with the patch

If you’ve been question-mark pinging (? ??? ??) us about the ability to mute pings, it’s happening. There’s also a new option to unanimously surrender at 15 in all non-RGM queues. Both features launch today. Also, an update to the ‘On my way’ ping rolls out later this summer. Let’s dig in!

Launching in 7.10

Ping muting

The new ping-mute button axes standard pings, smart pings, and the newer HUD pings. Find it on tab menu, right next to the chat-mute button. The chat-mute button works the same way it always has, cutting out chat as well as extracurricular animations and emotes. You’ll need to hit both buttons to stop all comms because that ultimately gives you a little more control over your game.

Unanimous surrender@15

You can now save five minutes on games that really, really didn’t go your team’s way. Prompt a surrender vote at 15 minutes, and if the whole team agrees, you’re outta there. Surrender at 15 is now live on all non-RGM queues.

It’s worth noting that surrendering at 15 is a full-on surrender, and definitely not a /remake.

Launching later this summer

On my way ping update

Right now, teams don’t have a good way to quickly agree on the next objective. An update to the ‘On my way’ ping allows teammates to get on the same page for flanks, ganks, or objectives.

Turn up your volume and check this video out to hear it in action:

Say your team picks off two baddies. You ‘On my way’ ping the nearest enemy tower, and your jungler thinks it's time to throw at Baron. Luckily, the support agrees with you and tosses another ‘On my way’ at the tower. That second ping triggers a new sound effect that builds a melody with your first ping at the location. This sound can build up to five times, scaling up with team cohesion around an objective. Sorry jungler, it’s tower time.

We’re aiming to launch this feature after working out a few more details. Let us know what you think!

2 years ago

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