Queue up in new champion select this week!

By Lyte

New champion select rolls out in Normal and Ranked Draft this week! We’re kicking things off in NA and Turkey, and will update all other territories as the week goes on. Missed the details? Catch up on the nitty gritty at the 2016 season hub.

New champ select brings dynamic groups along with it, meaning you can queue up with a full party in ranked, but of course, tier restrictions remain in place. Ready to hop in? Check these tips before making your first draft pick:

  • Select your position: Choose two positions (or fill!) for the upcoming game. You’re guaranteed to receive one of your chosen positions.
  • Coordinate your strategy: Before banning, everyone can indicate the champ they plan to play. Players with the last three picks each ban one champ.
  • Locking in now required: To keep champ select quick, every ban and pick now requires you to lock in. If you don’t, everyone’s kicked back to position select and you’ll face queue dodge penalties.

As mentioned last week, we’ll turn off Team Builder when we flip the switch to new champ select.


3 years ago

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