Ready, set, play: Party Rewards are back!

By Lyte

January 27 UPDATE:

The downtime for new champ select spoiled the party in dynamic ranked and normal draft, so we’re reactivating Party Rewards in those queues so you and your friends can earn your share of the spoils by playing together.

How’s it work? Simple. The larger your premade group, the larger the IP bounty you rake in. The All-Star bonus from Team Fire’s win at All-Stars is active in NA as well.

Check out the details below!

Premade size New champ select queues (Ranked and Normal Draft)
1 0%
2 125%
3 175%
4 225%
5 450%

Party Rewards will go live in new champ select queues only (dynamic ranked and normal draft) starting Wednesday, January 27 to the end of the day on January 31. We’ll see you on the Rift!

2 years ago