Ascension is now live

By kantayams

The friendly frosts of Snowdown have melted and given way to a raging Shuriman sandstorm. Ascension is now live from 1/13/17 - 1/16/17 and 1/20/17 - 1/23/17.

Check out our last Ascension post for more details on the rotating game mode. For those who just need a TL;DR:

  • Go 5v5 to claim the incredible power of Ascension by taking down Ancient Ascendant Xerath. Use Ascension to conquer the Crystal Scar of Shurima.
  • First team to reach 200 points wins. Score:
    • 1 point for champion kills.
    • 3 points for capturing a Shuriman relic.
    • 5 points for landing the killing blow on an Ascended champion.
    • 2 points for each kill you acquire while Ascended.

Go forth. Conquer. Ascend.

Important note: Since rotating game modes fall in sync with patch updates, we’ll be moving these announcements to patch notes from now on. Same info, new home. See you there!

2 years ago

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