Teamfight Tactics Gameplay Guide

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Set in the fractured, dream-like Convergence, Teamfight Tactics is a new game mode in League that pits you against seven opponents in a free-for-all war for supremacy. Build the ultimate team, power-up your forces, then watch the battle unfold.

Do you have what it takes to be the last player standing?

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Basic Controls

Left-click to do most things in the game.
  • Click and drag champions between spots on the battlefield, or between your battlefield and bench.
  • Click and drag items to give them to champions.
  • Left-click on champions to purchase them from the store.
  • Click and drag champions back to the store to sell them.
  • Click on the minimap or scoreboard to view other players’ arenas.
Right-click to move your Little Legend to the clicked location.
  • Right-click to inspect champions and learn more about them.

Advanced Controls

  • W - Press while hovering over a champion. This deploys that champion from your bench to the battlefield, or recalls it from the battlefield to your bench.
  • E - Press while hovering over a champion to sell the champion
  • 1 and 2 - Press to cycle through each player’s arena. "1" goes to the next arena, "2" goes back to the previous.
  • Space - Bring the camera back to your Little Legend, wherever it is. It will usually be in your arena.

Your Arena

  1. Little Legend

    • Your Little Legend is present at all times. Say hi!
  2. Battlefield

    • Where the fighting happens. Position your champions in the rows near you. Your opponent will arrive near the top.
  3. Bench

    • Purchased champions go here until you move them onto the battlefield.
  4. Store

    • You’ll see a random selection of champions, including duplicates, from a shared pool in the store. Duplicate champions combine to create stronger versions of that champion (more on that later in the guide).
    • Lock/unlock the store: You can lock your store so that it won't automatically refresh at the start of the round. This is useful if there’s something you want but can’t afford right now.
    • Refresh: Pay a little gold to refresh the champions in the store. This happens for free at the start of each round, but sometimes you’ll want to see more options.
    • Buy XP: Pay gold to gain experience points. The higher your level, the more (powerful and expensive) champions you can pick from.
  5. Trait Tracker

    • Track the origin and class bonuses that your champions qualify for.
  6. Item Inventory

    • Items go here until they're equipped to champions (drag and drop to equip). When you sell a champion with items equipped, the items return here.
  7. Gold Generators

    • Gold generators appear based on how much gold you already have. Each generator is worth one interest gold at the start of your next turn.
  8. Scoreboard

    • This shows all players’ health in the game. Click on players to view their arena.
  9. Stage Tracker

    • Records which rounds you won in the current stage, which ones you lost, and how many are left to play.
  10. Phase Tracker

    • Tells you which phase you're currently in and how much time is left.
  11. Opponent's Side

    • When facing another player’s team, you’ll also see their bench, item inventory, and gold generators. And of course, you’ll encounter their Little Legend.

Player Mechanics


You start the game with 100 health. Each time you lose a battle, you'll take damage based on how many enemy champions survived the fight and how strong they were. Once your health drops to zero, you're knocked out and your champions return to the shared pool for others to recruit.


Gold is your primary resource, used to accomplish a number of important tasks:
  • Buy champions.
  • Refresh your store.
  • Buy experience points to level up faster.
There are a few ways to earn gold:
  • Automatically at the start of each round.
  • As interest at the start of each round based on how many gold generators you have.
  • As a bonus at the start of each round if you’re on a winning OR losing streak.
  • Immediately after winning a PvP round.
You can also earn gold by selling champions you no longer need. Stronger champions have a sell-back penalty, meaning you won't recoup the full cost of what you paid for them.


Each player starts off at level 1 and levels up over the course of the match, up to level 9. The number of champions you have on your team is equal to your level, and you’ll gain access to better champions as your level increases.

You gain a little experience at the end of each round—enough to level up at a decent pace in the early game. As the match progresses, however, you'll need to spend gold on experience points to continue expanding your team.

Game Structure


Teamfight Tactics is organized into stages, each consisting of several rounds of play.


A round usually has a planning phase and then a combat phase.

Planning Phase

At the start of the planning phase, a couple of things happen automatically.
  • You earn gold.
  • Your store is refreshed with new champions (unless you locked it).
During the planning phase, you have 30 seconds to purchase champions, refresh your store (if desired), and deploy/position your champions on the battlefield.
Once the planning phase ends, your team is locked in and ready for combat.

Keep the strengths and weaknesses of your champions in mind when positioning them during the planning phase. Put champions with more bulk in front and squishier damage dealers in back. But be careful—some champions are able to directly attack your backline.

Combat Phase (PvP)

Most of Teamfight Tactics consists of PvP rounds where you face off against a randomly-chosen opponent. After the planning phase ends, the combat phase begins and your Little Legend and champion team teleport to your opponent's arena—or perhaps your opponent will come to you! The combat phase lasts until every battle in the round is settled with a winner and loser, or until the timer runs out. If combat is still going on by the end of the timer, both players take damage based on the number of their opponent's surviving champions.

Duplicate Teams

Whenever there's an odd number of remaining players (seven, five, or three) in a PvP round, a random player’s team is duplicated to ensure an even number of round participants. The duplicate team can match up against anyone except the team it copied. If it wins the round, it deals damage to its opponent as if it were a real team. If it loses, nothing happens because it vanishes at the end of the round anyway.

Combat Phase (PvE)

Some rounds are PvE against AI monsters, rather than PvP against your opponents. The first three rounds of a game are all PvE, as well as the final round of most stages afterward. Defeated monsters drop items, gold, or champions.

Shared Drafts

At the start of the game and then every few rounds after, all players participate in shared drafts. In shared drafts, everyone is transported to the center island of the Convergence and gets to pick a free champion from a single, randomized line-up. Pick the champion you want by running to it with your Little Legend, but move carefully: Little Legends pick up whoever they touch first, and there are no do-overs! In later shared drafts, lower-health players pick first.

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Champions Overview

Champions are the units you recruit, combine, deploy, and send into battle, fighting autonomously once combat begins. They perform a few key actions:
  • Champions move around the battlefield to get into attack range of enemies.
  • Champions attack each other, sometimes critically striking for extra damage.
  • Every champion has a unique ability they'll occasionally cast. Abilities can be offensive, defensive, or provide utility to your team.
In addition to their actions, champions have eight base stats:
  • Health: How much damage a champion can take before they die.
  • Attack Range: How close a champion needs to be to attack an enemy.
  • Attack Damage: How much damage a champion's attack deals.
  • Attack Speed: How frequently a champion attacks.
  • Ability Power: How strong a champion's ability is.
  • Armor: Reduces the damage a champion takes from attacks.
  • Magic Resist: Reduces the damage a champion takes from abilities.
  • Mana: Determines how frequently a champion can cast their ability (a smaller mana stat means a lower ability cost, which allows for more frequent casts)
    • Champions typically start combat with an empty mana bar and fill it by attacking and taking damage.
    • Champions automatically use their ability when their mana bar is full.
    • A few champions have persistent passive abilities that don't use mana and are active at all times.

Star Level

Combine three of the same champion to get a two-star copy of that champion. Two-star champions have lots of additional health and attack damage, and their ability gets stronger as well.

Combine three two-star champs to make an even more powerful three-star version of that champion. Three-star champions have an incredible amount of health and attack damage, and their ability is fully upgraded!
Champions combine automatically when you have three of the same.The combined champion will automatically appear on your battlefield if one of the original champions is already deployed.


There are five tiers of champions. Higher-tier champions are stronger, but rarer and more expensive. You'll start off seeing only lower-tier champions in the early game, but as you level up, your chance of seeing the higher tiers progressively increases.

Higher champion tiers are identified by text color, gem shape, and gold cost:
  • Tier 1 (1 gold)
  • Tier 2 (2 gold)
  • Tier 3 (3 gold)
  • Tier 4 (4 gold)
  • Tier 5 (5 gold)

Rise of the Elements Cheat Sheet

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Items Overview

Items increase your champions' base stats and can upgrade into stronger items that provide unique effects. In PvE rounds, each monster you defeat has a chance of dropping an item. In Draft rounds, every draftable champion comes with an item equipped. You'll always see basic items early on, but as the game progresses, you'll have a shot at upgraded items.

There are eight basic items:

BF Sword:

Attacks deal more damage

Recurve Bow:

Attack more often

Needlessly Large Rod:

Abilities are stronger

Tear of the Goddess:

Begin combat with some mana

Giant's Belt:

Gain health

Chain Vest:

Take less damage from basic attacks

Sparring Gloves:

Dodge attacks and gain critical strike chance


Provides no stats, but upgrades into various rule-breaking items!
Equip items by dragging and dropping them onto your champions (be careful, this can't be undone). If you equip a champion with two basic items, those items automatically combine into an upgraded item, sharing the same combination of stats as its components. Every pair of basic items creates a different upgraded item!

Upgraded items can buff your attacks and abilities, grant unique effects, and even change the properties of your champions! Here are just a few examples; you'll see dozens more during your time in Teamfight Tactics!

Infinity Edge:

Critical strikes deal double damage

Locket of the Iron Solari:

At the start of combat, wielder and adjacent champions gain a shield

Blade of the Ruined King

Wearer is also a Blademaster

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