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The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?

It's a question older than time itself. The sages say that in the age of the gods, when the world was still full of magic, great battles were fought to determine which key is best for Flash: D or F?
3 years ago

State of the Season: Preseason Progress

It’s the first installment of our “State of the Season” update, where we’ll keep you informed on what we think is going well, what’s a problem, and what we’re planning for the short-term future.
3 years ago

Heating up: How the pros warded at Worlds

As the 2015 World Championship wrapped up, our data analysts were paying close attention to the vision control strategies used by each of the best League of Legends teams in the world. We’ve cooked up some heatmaps that might provide a window into how the best teams in your region establish vision control. You might find some information to take your own play to the next level.
3 years ago

2016 Preseason Spotlight

Marksmen Updates! New items! Changed items! A new jungle monster! Keystone masteries! Join us as we scratch the surface of some of the gameplay changes coming to League this preseason.
3 years ago

Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You

The millions of players around the world that play League of Legends generate lots of data, and the brand-new Clairvoyance blog is here to illuminate some data around one of League's most powerful tools: wards. Despite not providing any combat stats, wards are incredibly powerful. Vision is information, and information is power.
3 years ago

Dive into the 2016 Season Update changes

New choices to master, improvements to how you compete, and new ways to connect with friends.
3 years ago

Data and Champion Balance – Part 2

It’s part 2 of our Data & Champion Balance dev blog! In this one, Riot Jag talks about the nuanced design values we use to assess champion balance.
3 years ago

Data and Champion Balance – Part 1

In part 1 of our Data & Champion Balance dev blog, Riot Jules talks about what really goes into a champion’s win rate and what other data we use to assess champion balance.
3 years ago

Behind League's new missile system

Over at the Riot Engineering blog, Riot Penrif explains the technical process behind the League of Legends development team's recent rework of the code that handles projectile attacks.
3 years ago

Dev Blog: Visual Effects in League of Legends

With visual effects updates coming for Galio, Nautilus, Corki, and Brand, we thought we’d share some core values behind how we update VFX.
4 years ago