Queue health comes to patch notes

By Riot Draggles

The new season is just a few days away, so this year we’re opening up communications when it comes to ranked.

To give you more information on how 2017’s ranked queues are performing, we're making their overall health a part of each and every iteration of patch notes. Here’s what it looks like:

Queue health

Ranked Solo/Duo Queue

Ranked Flex

FOUR'S A CROWD We will be removing the ability to queue up as four to reduce queue times.

To assess what “healthy” is, we’re constantly going to be looking at queue times, dodge rates, and position preference rates, across premade sizes, skill level, and time of day/week. From those, we’ll devise a simple graphic rating and stick it in patch notes. We’ll do this on a per-region basis.

Means queue times are generally low, matches are fair and role selection is well distributed. Awesome.

Means one or more metrics are veering towards… suboptimal, but the queue is still playable and we’re happy to keep it as-is. This one’s more of a heads-up than a warning.

Means we’re going to have to make some adjustments to Solo/Duo or Flex, and you’ll see exactly what we’re changing to help make the queue healthier.

One of the requirements for Ranked Flex to work is a minimum number of solo players to keep matchmaking smooth. We’ve prepared a plan to make sure we can respond quickly if we see long queue times.

The things we’d try first include:

  • higher weighted position preferences
  • scheduled queue availability
  • limiting Ranked Flex to pure five-person premades
  • limiting Ranked Flex to restrict four-person premades (which all regions launch with)

The latest updates will be recapped in the following patch notes. If we have to make massive changes quickly, we’ll likely make it part of the status page with an in-client notification.

Queue health updates roll out in patch 6.24, and we’re looking for feedback and suggestions. Let us know what you think!

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