Most Recent Special Event News

NA Clash test starts August 19

Team creation for the NA Clash test opens August 19. To qualify, finish your ranked placements and make sure you’re above Honor level 2. Tournaments run on Saturday and Sunday—you can play for free (no ticket required) over one or both days. GLHF!
3 days ago

PROJECT 2019 Event Guide

Download a full analysis on the PROJECT 2019 Pass, loot, and skins.
2 weeks ago

Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass Update

Find out when the first chapter of TFT's Beta Pass ends and chapter two begins.
1 month ago

TFT added to ARCADE Event Pass

Pass holders can now earn tokens through TFT!
1 month ago

Arcade Animated Trailer

Look like the hypercarry you are.
1 month ago

The House Triumphant

The Trials are complete, and we have our winner. See the final standings here.
2 months ago

Trials: Three Days Left

You have three more days to compete.
2 months ago

The Final Week Begins

You have one more week to compete.
2 months ago

Trials Standings: Week Two

You have two weeks left to get in the game.
3 months ago

Trials Update: Week One

You have three more weeks to get in the game.
3 months ago