ARAM - Back to Bilgewater!

By shio shoujo

Butcher’s Bridge is back for all you blubberin' scallywags! Starting on April 4, 2019 at 8:00 AM PT, ARAM will be transformed to best fit the high seas, with scurvy-filled missions, treasure in the form of loot rewards, and brand-new changes that we're experimenting with and may be made permanent based on your feedback!

All ye pirates will have until April 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM PT to complete the missions and brawl it out on Butcher's Bridge. The map will sink back to the depths of the sea at that time. The experimental changes themselves may linger for a patch or two, as we assess the feedback on each one.

For more information on the experimental changes during ARAM - Back to Bilgewater!, please check out the /dev post.

Missions (to be completed in sequential order)

  1. Ahoy, Sailor!: Win 1 game of Bilgewater ARAM
  2. Get Yer Sea-legs: Win 1 game with having cast Backtrack at least one time OR Win 3 games of ARAM
  3. Send 'Em to the Deeps: Get at least a 4 kill streak OR Get 60 takedowns
  4. Fire Broadside!: Throw your snowball Mark 10 times in a single game OR Deal 5,000 damage to enemy towers
  5. Prove Yer Worth: Destroy the first tower as a team 2 times OR Collect 40,000 gold
  6. Yer the Captain Now - Win a game of ARAM in under 15 minutes OR Win 3 games of ARAM


  • 1500 Blue Essence
  • 1500 XP
  • 1 Hextech Key
  • 1 Masterwork Chest
  • 1 Bilgewater 2019 Icon

5 months ago

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