League of Legends arrives in Oceania

By MasterMirkinen

League of Legends heads down under with the open beta launch of the Oceanic server. Players in the region will now have dedicated English-language support, closer servers and their own Oceania web site.

Transfers to the Oceanic server are available from today. This transfer is free for a limited time from the NA, LATAM, Russia, BR, EUW and EUNE servers. Early transfers earn exclusive rewards including Ziggs and his Pool Party Ziggs skin in addition to being closer to the Oceanic platform.

Use your free transfer token by heading to the in-game store and clicking on the Other tab. Secure your summoner name on the new server by transferring today!

For the full scoop on the new server, transfer options and more, check out this FAQ or visit the Oceanic website!

5 years ago

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