Odyssey: Extraction

By Bilby

Remote alien worlds can be difficult to navigate. Use this friendly guide to get all the details on Odyssey: Extraction before you go in.


Pick from Yasuo, Jinx, Sona, Malphite, and Ziggs. Each has different augment paths and strengthened passive abilities.


The crew’s captain provides AD damage, crowd control, and projectile defense via his windwall. Way of the Wanderer shields for twice the amount and twice the duration. Yasuo additionally gains:

  • +10% healing for all damage dealt (33% effectiveness for AoE)
  • +50% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • +10% movement speed


Jinx specializes in ranged DPS, disabling enemies, and doing massive damage. Get Excited! activates when Jinx kills shiny monsters and applies itself to all crewmembers. Jinx additionally gains:

  • +10% healing for all damage dealt (33% effectiveness for AoE)
  • +50% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • +20% attack speed
  • +15 Mana Regen per second


Malphite provides defense, enemy disruption, and rock-solid backup damage. Granite Shield’s cooldown does not reset during combat, but basic attacks and spell hits lower it by [1 | 2] seconds respectively. Malphite additionally gains:

  • +5% healing for all damage dealt (33% effectiveness for AoE)
  • +50% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • +5% health
  • +15 Mana Regen per second
  • +100 Attack Damage and Ability Power


The ship’s newest crewmember specializes in healing, magic damage, and team protection. Power Chord’s effects are modified:

  • Staccato [Q] gains +75% damage
  • Diminuendo [W] resets Aria of Perseverance’s cooldown
  • Tempo [E] stuns its target

Sona additionally gains:

  • +5% healing for all damage dealt (33% effectiveness for AoE)
  • +50% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • +10% healing and shielding
  • +20 Mana Regen per second


The shipwrecked Ziggs specializes in AOE Magic Damage, enemy disruption, and giant explosions. Short Fuse gains 150 attack range and deals double damage. Ziggs additionally gains:

  • +10% healing for all damage dealt (33% effectiveness for AoE)
  • +50% ultimate cooldown reduction
  • +10% ability power
  • +15 Mana Regen per second


This is the best part.

Each time you play the mode, you can earn augments for the characters. You keep these for the duration of the event and equip them between games. They’re super powerful and let you do crazy stuff.

You unlock extra augment slots as you complete missions over time. You can get up to 5 slots and 15 augments per character. There are some crazy builds, so experiment with the augments you find.

*There will be a “catch-up” augment bundle available from September 17 – October 8. The bundle will include ALL augments for either 600 RP or 10,000 BE, but each augment owned will reduce the RP price by 8, down to a minimum price of 215 RP.

Summoner Spells

Only choice here is which key you’re putting them on. Here’s what you get to work with:

Keep your arms and legs inside the wormhole.


Turn briefly untargetable and invulnerable as you dash towards a location. Holds 3 charges.

15 second Ammo Recharge

Wake up, dummy!


Revive a fallen crewmate by standing next to them for 2 seconds. Exiting the area does not consume your cooldown.

100 second Cooldown


Little buddies.


Cute little robot that Ziggs made. He helps you gather Ora and lets you buy things between rounds. A good buddy all-around.


When you clear an area, Ora Bot opens this zone up. Stand in it to go to the next room. It goes faster when there’s more people in it.

Powerups and Collectibles

This is the stuff you want to see.


This is what we’re after. Collect enough to charge the Ora Bot and we can move to the next area. They drop from enemies and Ora Plants.


Smack ‘em if you see ‘em, because they drop a bunch of Ora and they can wither away if left alone.


Popping these heals everyone up to full health and mana. They disappear after a while.


How do they have money? Take them out to give everyone an extra 500 gold.


Whoever takes this out gets a massive buff with invulnerability and cooldown reduction. Let your ult fly.


A rare variation that permanently unlocks an augment for everybody. Don’t let them get away!


You can’t miss these, cuz they’re huge and drop a bunch of ora. Keep the damage on them and you’ll get to the next area in no time.


This planet isn’t the most stable thing in the universe. Here’s what can go wrong on the surface:


Destructible terrain that blocks your way. Take it down and keep moving.


A spooky time where you can’t see much. Stay close to your buddies.


Sometimes a bunch of Cyte Eggs appear out of nowhere. It’s best to take them out before they all spawn.


These launch giant bubbles at you that lock you in place if you get hit. Don’t stand still!


Big rotating beams of fire that hurt real bad. Just stay away from them.


Like the fire ones, but these slow you way down instead of hurting you. Again your gameplan here is to not get hit.


A cloud of electrical energy that hurts if you stand in it. Try not to stand in it.


Like the Ora storm, but they slow you down. You should avoid them, even if you’re feeling warm.


An unstable patch of ground. Very dangerous. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


You didn’t come here to just walk around. Here’s who you’re up against.


Health: Low
Damage: High

Once it charges up, it rapidly shoots high damage projectiles at you. Run away, interrupt it with some crowd control, or blow it up first.


Health: Low
Damage: High

Once it gets close, it fires lightning bolts into the sky. Keep moving and spread out to avoid getting fried.


Health: Low
Damage: Medium

Jumps around and hides before striking. Groups of them can be dangerous and will swarm you. Warp away or take a thousand cuts.


Health: Low
Damage: Medium

Fires dangerous bolts of energy from afar. Get in close to take them out, or get your Captain to protect you with a Wind Wall.


Health: Low
Damage: Medium

Fires a powerful laser that not even Captain Yasuo can stop. Strafe around them and attack before they can fire again.


Health: High
Damage: Low

Grabs you with its tail and drags you into danger. Call for backup—your team can free you with crowd control effects.


Health: Medium
Damage: Medium

Spits out gross goo to slow you down and then charges at you in a frenzy. Keep your distance before he ramps up and unleashes a flurry of strikes. Kinda looks like a flower.


Health: High
Damage: Low

Emits a protective barrier that blocks all damage to herself and other monsters around her. The barrier doesn’t work up close, so get in there.


Health: Medium
Damage: Medium

The tail does a lot of damage and knocks you back. You can run away, or you can get so close that the tail can’t hurt you.


Health: High
Damage: High

These guys aren’t super accurate, but if their ground pillars hit you they can do a lot of damage. Just keep moving and you should be OK.


Health: Medium
Damage: Low

They don’t do much damage, but they spawn eggs that hatch Cytes. Take them out quickly or you’ll be fighting a hundred of their little babies.


Health: Low
Damage: Medium

These are the little babies from the Alphacytes. Not scary on their own, but can be a real problem in numbers. Use AoE on them.


Health: High
Damage: Medium

These are aggressive and they try to chase you down. When they slam the ground they leave a deadly red ring. Keep your distance!


Health: Low
Damage: Medium

Each time they get hit, they’ll put up defenses and charge a massive attack. When that happens, run behind them and you can take them out safely.


Health: Low
Damage: Medium

They get in close and unleash bigger and bigger attacks. Stay away and do damage quickly.


Health: Medium
Damage: High

Once angry, they’ll charge in a straight line for big damage. Move out of the way or use Warp so you don’t get knocked out.


Health: Medium
Damage: Medium

They try to pull you in with their giant tongues. Keep moving around them to avoid it, since it’s super gross.

MAJORS (Blue Glow)

Any enemy can become mutated and grow larger. This gives them a lot more health and damage.

ELITES (Red Glow)

A rare and dangerous super mutation. These enemies are extremely dangerous and can kill you in a single hit.


Health: Massive
Damage: Tons


Aaaaand that’s it! For more information on the event itself (including all the missions and earnable rewards for playing this mode), head to our Learn More article. Good luck out there, space ace!

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