Snowdown event ending soon

By kantayams

Hey Snowdowners!

Hope you’ve been enjoying the festivities this season. No wait, bestivities! Because they were the best of any Snowdown, right!? Unfortunately, by royal decree of The Big Fluff the splendiferous Poro King, all bestivities are ending on 1/8/18 at 11:59 PM PT. Don’t be a loser like Draven miss out on:

  • ALL THE STUFF Snowdown skins, wards, poro icons, emotes, Snowdown Capsules, and bundles
  • Naughty (YEAH!) and Nice (PFFFFT!) missions, where you can earn the Dravenbread or Braumbread emote
  • Gifting your friends the Santa Baron 2017 Icon ( !!!)
  • Your Snowdown Shop
  • Playing Legend of the Poro King, where you can cast poro snax spells and equip poro skins

Thanks for making this Snowdown a blast!

Draven, Jinx & Poppy
Jinx, Draven & Poppy

1 year ago

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