Star Guardian Little Legends are coming

By Riot Beernana and Riot Stephiroth

Hey everyone,

The fourth series of Little Legends are here from the Star Guardian universe! Let's meet them:

Our Heroes:

  • Dango
  • Gingersnap Dango
  • Lemondrop Dango
  • Bubblegum Dango
  • Limeberry Dango
  • Sugar Crash Dango
  • Fuwa
  • Last Wish Fuwa
  • Lovestruck Fuwa
  • Eclipse Fuwa
  • Firecracker Fuwa
  • Daystar Fuwa
  • Shisa
  • Heroic Shisa
  • Littlest Shisa
  • Firecracker Shisa
  • Sundrop Shisa
  • Corrupted Shisa

Definitely Canon Lore:

Dango is the hungriest of all the Little Guardians. No one knows the reason for Dango's insatiable appetite, but the Vastaya say that it can eat a cloudfruit three times its size!

Fuwa longs to someday find the Guardian it's destined for. Whenever it feels lonely, it takes refuge in the warmth of its long ears.

Shisa burst into the Convergence on a white-hot comet. It aims to protect the Star Guardians and all those in its care.

The Details:

These pint-sized army commanding heroes will hit our Public Beta Environment later this week and go to live servers a few days after patch 9.18 launches. The base versions will be available for direct purchase and the variants will come in their own Star Guardian Egg Series. Prices and drop rates are the same as the previous egg series.

2 months ago

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