TFT added to ARCADE Event Pass

By Bellissimoh

If you love Teamfight Tactics and you love ARCADE, we've got good news—the ARCADE Event Pass now grants rewards for your auto-battling activities!

Pass holders earn tokens for playing TFT matches, win or lose. Only matches over 10 minutes count.

  • 6 tokens for a win (top 4)
  • 3 tokens for a loss (bottom 4)

TFT matches also count toward the "Play 3 games" completion of the pass's First Win of the Day mission, which rewards 18 tokens. Due to technical shenanigans, however, a TFT win won't trigger the "Win 1 game" condition.

Last note: TFT doesn't grant progress toward the pass's five milestone missions.

Good luck in the Convergence!

4 months ago

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