There’s time for one last snowball!

By Popstar Urf

The snow might be melting away, but there’s still time to toss one last ball of icy awesome. Spend some time on the frozen banks of Howling Abyss and grab a poro-fied icon before the Legend of the Poro King game mode snows away. A flurry of Legacy Snowdown skins, wards, and icons are sliding into the vault soon as well, so don’t freeze up and miss your chance to grab something cool.

And if you’re feeling lucky, get the Legendary Snowball rolling by picking up a Legendary or Ultimate skin to receive a free Mystery Gift! If that Mystery Gift is a Legendary or Ultimate, you’ll get another free Mystery Gift…. It’s called Legendary Snowball for a reason, if you catch our drift.

Get into the Snowdown spirit before it all wraps up on January 7. Also, we’re sorry about all the snow puns… but not really.


3 years ago

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