VS. Ending Soon

By kantayams

VS. is almost over; don’t miss your chance to play event-only missions, earn exclusive rewards, and affect how the story ends. Learn more here.

During VS. you can:

Complete daily missions to earn tokens: Start by winning any matchmade game to claim your starting icons. Then complete daily missions with any Order or Chaos icon equipped to earn Order or Chaos Tokens. Missions expire 6/29/17 23:59 PT.

Use tokens to craft exclusive loot: Forge tokens into event-exclusive Chaos and Order rewards such as icons, emotes, and loading screen borders. After the VS. Event ends on 6/29/17 23:59 PT, you’ll have until 7/24/17 23:59 PT to craft leftover tokens into rewards or batches of Blue Essence (every 10 tokens = 10 Blue Essence). If you don’t craft the tokens by the deadline, they will disappear.

Go further with VS. Passes: VS. Passes grant crafting materials, loot (including an orb with a chance to drop loot-exclusive skin shards), double the tokens from missions, and exclusive mission lines with direct paths to a guaranteed gemstone. Passes expire on 6/29/17 23:59 PT.

Will the darkness of Chaos reign, or will the light of Order triumph? None can escape destiny, but you can determine it.

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