Most Recent Special Event News

Save The Date!

Amumu is throwing a party...again.
1 year ago

Darkness fades, light returns

The fell queens descend into the Legacy Vault.
2 years ago

Lunar Revel

Light your path.
2 years ago

A traveler arrives

Legend tells of a land smothered in darkness.
2 years ago


Amp up your in-game plays by injecting new beats into classic League tunes. Warsongs is a new collection of remixed anthems to accompany your competitive climb during the 2016 Season, and it's yours to download below.
2 years ago

See ya later, Snowdown!

The ice is melting, the sun’s coming out Snowdown is over, but there’s no need to pout!
2 years ago

There’s time for one last snowball!

Snowdown is winding down, so get out there and soak up some sweet snowy goodness.
2 years ago

Get the Legendary Snowball rolling

Whenever you pick up a Legendary skin, you’ll unlock a free Mystery skin. If that Mystery is a Legendary, you’ll get another Mystery skin that can continue to snowball.
2 years ago

Snowdown is coming!

A chill in the air; A handful of ice; A present for you; How lovely, how nice!
2 years ago

Look out! It’s Snowdown!

The battle starts now; Put some cold in your fist; Snowdown arrives with an aerial twist!
2 years ago