Most Recent Editorial News

Battlecast Illaoi: Preproduction

An update on the upcoming updates.
2 days ago

Riot Pls: 2017 and Beyond

How does the League Dev Team feel about 2017? Lead Producer New001 looks back on the highs and lows of the year, and gets into the details of the new competitive mode - Clash.
3 days ago

/dev: The Visual Design of League Leveling

League’s new leveling system posed some interesting visual design challenges. Here’s how we (hopefully) solved them.
6 days ago

/dev: Upcoming Party Changes

Here are some updates on how we’re making it easier to play with friends… plus, voice chat!
1 week ago

Champion Insights: Zoe, the Sparkle Monster

Zoe is totally a normal kid. She likes going on adventures, has an obnoxious amount of energy, and loves her pet dog. Except Zoe’s “adventures” often involve zooming through the stars, her endless energy can turn cities to dust, and her pet doggo is actually a sassy space dragon. She might act (and sometimes feel) like a normal girl, but in reality, she’s far from it. Zoe’s the cosmic messenger of Targon, tasked with giving others a heads-up when cataclysmic change is coming.
2 weeks ago

/dev: Downloading PROJECT// Overcharge

Building the chase in the PROJECT// Overcharge game mode.
2 weeks ago

The Next Illaoi Skin is...

The people have spoken, and they have chosen...
3 weeks ago

/dev diary: Journey to Mount Targon

Journey to Mount Targon as Jellbug and Whren explore Runeterra's highest peak and discuss the lives of those in Mount Targon’s shadow.
3 weeks ago

The Math and Art of Champ Popularity

Lee Sin? Thresh? Yasuo? Thanks to data—and colorful graphs—we can tell you which champions are really the most popular.
3 weeks ago

Casting Comics: The First Four

What does a good League comic look like? We experimented, and now we need your feedback.
1 month ago