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By Westbroke

Introducing Lag Report: A New Tech Tool

TL;DR: Lag Report is a new tool that compares your League connection to others in your area, showing you which ISPs and network setups get the best results.

The internet is dark and full of terrors. If you’ve ever had connection troubles, one of the first things you do is try to figure out what the hell went wrong. We’ve faced these existential questions, too: is it my ISP? Which router settings should I change? Is it my roommate’s questionable torrenting habits? What is life?

For the next campaign in our righteous crusade against lag, we’re shining a light on the root causes of internet issues with Lag Report, a tool that scans the countless ways people connect to League of Legends around the world to find what gets the best results in your area.

We want Lag Report to help you get the most out of your internet; it’s a new tool for transparency that lets you see the best ways people are connecting to League in your area so you can make informed choices with all things internet-related. Check it out and let us know what you think. We’re excited to refine and improve this mad experiment, and the more data points and constructive criticism we get from you guys, the better it’ll be.

  • What is this tool? Lag Report is a website that provides you with visibility into the quality of internet connections to League of Legends based on actual games played. It also includes a bunch of tips on how to get the most out of your connection and breakdowns of what causes lag and ways to fix it.
  • How does it work? We’ve aggregated data from billions of games of League of Legends to allow players to compare their League connection against your ISP and other ISPs in your area.
  • Why should I care? Have you ever wondered how your connection stacks up against other players on your ISP? Have you ever wondered how your ISP stacks up against other ISPs in your area? If so, you’ll enjoy trying out Lag Report.
  • My score is low! Your connection score can be influenced by a variety of factors, however it is most significantly caused by high packet-loss and high jitter. If your score is significantly lower than your ISP’s score or other ISPs in your area, we have multiple recommendations in the “What can I do?” section.
  • What about a ping test tool? Lag Report’s a bit different - it’s not a minute-by-minute way to see your ping before entering a game, but it will give you a new vantage point to judge how good your connection is overall, and what to expect based on your past games. Future attempts at something like a ping tester will be more valuable because of the groundwork laid by Lag Report, and while we don’t have updates on that front right now, we’re certainly not finished with our quest to unmask and destroy lag in all its forms.

Head over to Lag Report and let us know what you think!

1 year ago

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