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By Xaafira

See how you stack up against players in different ranks. New performance based stats for your Summoner’s Rift games are in your profile now. Find out where your abilities surpass others and when you’re actually the reason for your losing streak.

Choose a position or champion from the Stats tab to get started. Scores break down into three categories: Combat, Income, and Map Control. Those categories separate into both familiar data points and some new ones, highlighting exactly where you’re above or below other players.

Compare Yourself with Pros and Friends

Games are captured from midseason 2018 (patch 8.12). Compare your scores with:

  • Players across different ranks
  • Experts
  • Specific players
  • Players on your friends list
  • Yourself on another champ

Using Stats

Say a Silver Mid Diana main wants to improve her gameplay. She opens her Stats tab and starts with her lowest score, Income. The detailed breakdown indicates average Diana players have a higher Early CS Advantage and CS Per Minute. She clicks a nasty dip and relives a game of chumming the water for Fizz. She watches pros CS against him to turn the tide of her early game income.

Her next lowest score is Combat—her contribution to kills, assists, damage, and utility. Even in her highest Damage Share game, she’s still dealing consistently less damage to enemy champions than other Silver Mid Diana players. Dying in teamfights too soon or arriving too late keeps her from a higher damage output.

Map Control is her best score. If she leverages her map-aware playstyle and starts placing wards in strategic places and roams, she’ll increase her Combat scores, and maybe one day get out of Silver.

Get an idea of how you’re playing over a season or start leveling up specific skills. Start using Stats and let us know what you learn about yourself.


What happens next season?

At season start Stats fully resets. Games are measured from then until the next season begins.

Will we ever see data for all previous seasons?

No, we aren’t backfilling data from before midseason. Stats is best used as a performance based tool, and that depends on data being current.

Is this a parity replacement for stats from the old client?

It’s not, and it’s not meant to be. Last we spoke on it, we were exploring options around using stats to help you improve your game or show off your achievements and investment in League. Both angles are cool, but performance-improvement features tend to be more useful (and used) over time, so we steered today’s feature in that direction. We still think there’s room to improve on the achievement and investment side of the coin, but that would be something new rather than a perfect parity lifetime stats page like in the old client.

Are my preseason games still measured after the season is over?

Yes, you’ll see your games until the new season begins and Stats resets.

Will ARAM or Treeline come to Stats?

We’re not currently planning on showing stats for those queues.

Will this data be available via Riot's API?

Yes, we want you to have access to this data. We’re working on getting this out as soon as we can. When it’s live, it’ll show up on our dev site where you access Riot’s API.

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