A Note on “The Shadows Beckon”

By Reav3

Evelynn is one of our oldest champions and, like Yorick, she’s due for a lore update. We think there’s an opportunity to give the Widowmaker more meaningful motivation and a better backstory, so that the malice in her stealthy assassinations doesn’t just feel like it was strapped on as an afterthought.

Evelynn is one of those champs with a “dark, secret past,” but most of us associate her with the Shadow Isles. With all the new Shadow Isles lore recently released, we figured it would be disappointing to leave her out.

That’s why we wrote a short piece especially for Eve players—those of you that embody agony’s embrace and strike terror in our hearts with ganks we never see coming. This “color text” is intended to capture Eve as you know her today: the fiend you love and the rest of us fear. That being said, we think we can do even better by Evelynn and her lore, so keep in mind when reading that she’ll likely be evolving from Runeterra’s most demonic killer-for-hire.

For now, she’ll be doing what she does best: slipping into the shadows, waiting for the right time to reveal herself and a fully-fleshed story of her origins.

2 years ago

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