The Rainbow Fluft Icon Returns!

By Riot Cashmiir

Last year we debuted the Rainbow Fluft Icon to support IDAHOTB, aka the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up the adorable icon, don’t worry because this year we’re bringing it back with a little added kick.

Show your support for an inclusive worldwide gaming community by purchasing (and equipping) the Rainbow Fluft Icon for 1 Blue Essence. Instead of the rainbow spawn-in animation from last year, players who equip the icon this year will have a unique homeguard animation that leaves behind a sparkling rainbow trail whenever you leave the fountain. And, as a little added bonus, you can equip a custom background in your profile, too!

You can grab the icon, background, and animation until the end of patch 9.10. So grab a friend and see if you can make a double rainbow all the way across the Rift.

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6 months ago

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