Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes

By Riot Aeon

TL;DR: We won’t be running a RGM with every patch anymore. We’re going to continue to run the most popular modes, but our main focus will be on creating more new modes to launch alongside events as well as experimenting with older modes.

Rotating Game Modes in 2018

We went into last year with a renewed focus on supporting events by creating new modes to make each event special. We saw a lot of positive reactions to modes like Star Guardian: Invasion and The Hunt of the Blood Moon, and more of you showed up to play when we succeeded at making something new and distinct. We want to build on these successes in 2018.

We’ve been building a better groundwork of tools that will allow us to create better, more polished maps and modes going forward. In 2018 our focus is on two things:

  1. Delivering fun and better modes for events
  2. Experiment more with classic modes (i.e. Ascension) to give them new life

Not too different than where we were last year, but the big change is how often we’ll be running RGMs. We’re moving away from every patch to a more sporadic schedule.

Developing new modes can take a tremendous amount of time (Invasion took over four months), and we think putting our focus towards developing new modes is the best way to deliver better experiences for you.

Old modes aren’t going anywhere though. We’ll still be running favorites like ARURF, One for All, and others throughout the year. There simply won’t be an RGM every patch.

We’ve got some big plans, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store. First up this year will be Hunt of the Blood Moon in 8.3 and then the long awaited return of One for All in 8.6!

1 year ago

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