Most Recent Editorial News

Teemo’s Big Birthday Datapalooza

Happy Birthday, Teemo!
4 months ago

Resistance Illaoi: The Final Update

Finalizing the VFX and fixing the bugs before Resistance Illaoi goes to PBE!
5 months ago

Narrative in 2018

A look at when, why, and how we decide to update a champion’s lore, and our goals for 2018.
5 months ago

Resistance Illaoi: Nearly Ready

An update on the splash art and SFX for Resistance Illaoi, formerly known as Battlecast Illaoi.
5 months ago

The Art of ANNIE: Origins

The devs of ANNIE: Origins talk the tech behind her hand-painted look and one-of-a-kind fire.
5 months ago

Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes

Our plans and goals for rotating game modes in 2018.
5 months ago

Champion Insights: Swain

The Noxian Grand General.
5 months ago

Ask Riot: Honor Rewards

Rewards for reaching honor checkpoints, Gnar’s spoken language, and Volibear.
5 months ago

Battlecast Illaoi: Visuals and Sound Effects

Jetpacks, flames, and a rather angry voice.
5 months ago

/dev: Update on Runes Reforged

What’s working, what’s not, and what’s next?
6 months ago