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/dev diary: Gameplay in 2018

Gameplay Lead Producer Safelocked talks about the team’s goals for early 2018.
6 months ago

Battlecast Illaoi: Modeling and Texturing

Transforming Battlecast Illaoi’s concept art into a 3D character.
6 months ago

Forging Ornn

League’s Fire Below the Mountain smoldered for nearly four years before making it into production.
6 months ago

The Human Side of Emotes

How Riot’s Player Labs team helps us make better decisions about League and the stuff surrounding it.
6 months ago

2017: The Playlist2017: The Playlist

Thank you for a year of memorable events, new runes, long-awaited reworks and most importantly, meme-slaying. Here’s 2017 in review.
6 months ago

Ask Riot: Movie? Honor Opponents? URF?

Hiring more devs, URF, a League movie, honoring opponents, and eating poros.
6 months ago

/dev: Kayn and the Showerhunter

Take a closer look at Riot’s localization process—and how it sometimes goes awry.
6 months ago

Naming New Champions

Terrible temp names, accidental profanity, and some names that didn’t make it.
6 months ago

Battlecast Illaoi: Concepting

Assembly begins on the community-voted Battlecast Illaoi skin.
6 months ago

Bronze Gods: Making a Monument

Building a life-size bronze statue for Worlds was quite a process. Here are the work-in-progress photos.
7 months ago