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Total Recall, or: That Time We Disabled Ranked

Pre-season is a time for getting excited about what’s coming next in League, but it also provides a nice moment for looking back on stuff that happened over the last year. Ranked players might remember a global shutdown of ranked queues back in July -- here’s the story of what happened behind the scenes.
1 year ago

Snow day! The art of Snowdown

We knew that we wanted to keep League’s sense of fun front and center with this year’s Snowdown. And since nothing is more fun than a snow day, artists and visual designers started with one simple question: What happens when League’s champs take a day off to engage in a little snow-to-snow combat?
2 years ago

Ping, Winrate, and Vayne Probs

Nothing quite kills the joy of online gaming like latency. We’ve all experienced the pain of lag spikes during a pivotal, game-deciding moment, and it always sucks. But just how big of an impact does ping have, and which champions get hurt the most by high ping? We dug into the data to find out.
2 years ago

New champion select roundtable

We’re introducing an all-new way to build a team and enter a game of League during the 2016 season. Delve into the design behind new champion select with three of the game designers who brought it to life.
2 years ago

The Arsenal: Forging Poppy’s Hammer

Reworking Poppy was a chance to tune up the biggest, baddest aspects of her character. We knew the hammer, her signature weapon, would be critical in solidifying both her identity and her new play patterns.. Like Jinx’s rocket launcher, Nautilus’ anchor, or Riven’s sword, Poppy’s hammer is an integral part of both her kit and her personality; we had to get it right for both to ring true. In short, it was hammer time.
2 years ago

Ghost Dog: Making Devourer’s Wolf

Adding a spectral companion to League of Legends isn’t as simple as stopping by the local ghost shelter and picking the one with the biggest, cutest eyes. Delve into the creation of the pup we affectionately refer to as “Ghost Dog.”
2 years ago

Developing with the Community: The Riot API

What began as a weapon against unauthorized attempts to siphon raw data from live servers (known as scraping) became a powerful collaborative tool for devs both inside and outside of Riot.
2 years ago

Riot Games Engineering: LoL vs. real-time internet

Riot’s engineering blog offers an inside look at some of the tech that powers League of Legends. In this post, we’ll explore the challenges we face in maintaining a real-time online game with the internet’s current architecture -- which wasn’t built with games like League in mind.
2 years ago