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New PROJECT skins have joined the fight, but that’s not the only upgrade we’ve made to the League store...

On top of acquiring gemstones by chance from Hextech Chest drops, you can also purchase them through PROJECT crafting bundles from August 2 - 7. Limit one bundle per day.

SUBJECT A // Augment+ Bundle
2950 RP

Grants you a guaranteed gemstone and additional loot and crafting materials.

  • 1 Gemstone
  • 10 Augment Caches

SUBJECT B // First Strike Augment+ Bundle
8220 RP (10245 RP if you need the champs)

Grants you a guaranteed gemstone and all the materials you need to join the First Strike and unlock unique loading screen cards for all three new PROJECT skins.

  • 1 Gemstone
  • PROJECT: Ashe
  • PROJECT: Ekko
  • PROJECT: Katarina
  • 10 Augment Caches
  • 3 Icons
  • Bonus Items
    • PROJECT: Ashe Cache
    • PROJECT: Ekko Cache
    • PROJECT: Katarina Cache
    • Recon Drone Ward

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