Celebrate the 2014 season with Korean pro icons!

By Riot Paradox

Korea’s pro League of Legends scene hosts some of the best teams in the world. This split, new teams have burst onto the Champions League, ready to challenge the old guard and establish themselves as the next generation of League powerhouses. To celebrate the Korean pros, we’re bringing back permanent summoner icons featuring the team’s logos for 250 RP each.

  • SKT T1 (K, S)
  • Samsung Galaxy (Ozone, Blue)
  • KT Rolster (Bullets, Arrows)
  • Najin Empire (Shield, Sword)
  • CJ Entus (Blaze, Frost)
  • Xenics Storm
  • Jin Air Green Wings Falcons
  • IM (#1, #2)
  • Midas Fio
  • Prime Optimus

As before, you’re not just showing off your team allegiance with these icons - 20% of each purchase goes straight to the team, while we use the other 80% to directly support esports through prizing, streaming, events and more!

Rep your favorite Korean pro team as the championship approaches!

3 years ago

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