Celebrate Summer Split with LCS team icons

By Magus

Summer is here and it’s time to kick-off another exciting LCS split. Celebrate the start of Summer Split by grabbing your favorite team icon from North America and Europe for 250 RP each. Unlock an LCS team icon to cheer on and support your favorite team from the Rift.

Want to support the entire League or can’t pick a favorite team? Unlock all 10 of the NA LCS or EU LCS icons as a bundle for 2000 RP. These bundles and all LCS team icons will be available throughout Summer Split.

Elements recently redesigned their team logo and Enemy Esports requested some color adjustments so their team icons will be updated by Patch 5.11.

As with Spring Split, when you purchase a team icon, 20% of the price goes directly to the team and 80% supports esports (prizes, broadcast, events, etc.)

You won’t want to miss any of the epic LCS match-ups especially with spots at the 2015 World Championship on the line. Catch all the LCS Summer Split action starting on May 28 over on Lolesports.

3 years ago

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