A new esports season means team icons are here!

By Riot Shantzilla

Kick off the 2016 season by unlocking your favorite team’s icon or (if you don’t wanna play favorites) support an entire regional league with a team icon bundle.

Summoner icons are available individually for 250 RP and as regional league bundles until April 25.

Team icons for Cougar eSports (LMS), XGamers (LMS), Hong Kong Esports (LMS), Afreeca Freecs (LCK), Longzhu Gaming (LCK), e-mFire (LKC), and ROX Tigers (LCK) are now available.

Bundles of Icon Bundles

Pricing for the LCK and LMS icon bundles have been updated based on the additional team icons released in Patch 6.2. All bundles will be available until April 25.

  • 2016 NA LCS Spring Icons - 20% off at 2000 RP
    • Cloud9, CLG, Team Dignitas, Echo Fox, Immortals, NRG eSports, Renegades, Team Impulse, Team Liquid, Team SoloMid

  • 2016 EU LCS Spring Icons - 20% off at 2000 RP
    • Elements, Fnatic, Giants Gaming, G2 Esports, H2k-Gaming, Origen, Team ROCCAT, Splyce, Unicorns of Love, Team Vitality

  • 2016 LPL Spring Icons - 20% off at 2400 RP
    • EDward Gaming, EP.A, HY Gaming, Invictus Gaming, LGD Gaming, Masters 3, Oh My God, Qiao Gu Reapers, RNG, Team WE, Vici Gaming, Snake Esports

  • 2016 LCK Spring Icons - 20% off at 2000 RP
    • CJ ENTUS, Jin Air Green Wings, KT Rolster, Samsung Galaxy, SBENU SONICBOOM, SK telecom T1, Afreeca Freecs, Longzhu Gaming, e-mFire, ROX Tigers

  • 2016 LMS Spring Icons - 20% off at 1600 RP
    • ahq e-Sports Club, Flash Wolves, Machi, Midnight Sun, Taipei Assassins, Cougar eSports, XGamers, Hong Kong Esports

  • 2016 LAN Spring Icons - 20% off at 1200 RP
    • Tesla E-Sports, Lyon Gaming, Revenge eSports, Havoks Gaming, Galactic Gamers, Dash9 Gaming

  • 2016 LAS Spring Icons - 20% off at 1200 RP
    • Furious Gaming, Hafnet eSports, Isurus Gaming, Kaos Latin Gamers, Last Kings, Rebirth eSports

  • 2016 TCL Spring Icons - 20% off at 1600 RP
    • ○ Çilekler, Dark Passage, HWA Gaming, NumberOne, SuperMassive, Team Aurora, Team Turquality, Beşiktaş.Oyunhizmetleri

  • 2016 LCL Spring Icons - 20% off at 1600 RP
    • Team Differential, Team Empire, Hard Random, Team Just, Natus Vincere, RoX, Vega Squadron, Vaevictis eSports

  • 2016 OPL Spring Icons - 20% off at 1600 RP
    • Avant Garde, The Chiefs eSports Club, Dire Wolves, Hellions e-Sports Club, Infernum, Legacy eSports, Sin Gaming, Trident Esports

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