Rare icons available for a limited time

By Bilby


Look at this great duck! Quack quack!

Just look at him! And this frog!

Oh my gosh! What a little guy! Ribbit ribbit!

The Rift Duck (pictured first) and the Rift Frog (that’s the one in the bottom picture) have journeyed around the world, finding the Sakura & Sakura Poro Icons:

The Soy Lolero Icon:

And even the Astronaut Teemo and Bardnik Icons:

And will be bringing themselves and all of these other previously-regionally-exclusive icons to the League store, available for purchase on all regions from 5/18/17 at 11:00 PT until 6/1/17 at 23:59 PT for 250 RP each. They’re also going to be enabling Mystery Icon Gifting and Mystery Icon Self Gifting during that time! Thanks, Rift Duck (the one on his back) and Rift Frog (the one looking at us)!

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