A rather spooky Vaulting of skins

By Riot Evaelin

There have been reports of skins in the shop screaming (and calling it “cheering”), turning others into cupcakes, levitating, and doing all sorts of spooky things. It might be due to rumors of ghastly new skins coming to town, causing these classic skins to want to show off—but skins acting up is never something the skins keeper tolerates. We’ve decided, for all of our sakes, to kindly ask these skins to descend into the Legacy Vault.

But before they completely dematerialize into the Legacy Vault, you can grab them in the store for 50% off from October 26 at 11:00 AM PT until November 1 at 11:59 PM PT - and let them conduct their funny business in your collection forevermore.

List of skins:

Skin Name Sale Price
Deep Sea Kog'Maw 487
Glaive Warrior Pantheon 487
Imperial Xin Zhao 260
Bittersweet Lulu 487
Forsaken Olaf 260
Ninja Rammus 487
Sanguine Garen 260
Loch Ness Cho'Gath 260
Outback Renekton 260
Northern Storm Volibear 375
Bilgewater Katarina 487
Blood Knight Hecarim 487
Hextech Anivia 375
Hextech Singed 260
Hextech Janna 487
Red Card Twisted Fate 375
Superfan Gragas 375
Sweeper Alistar 375
Goalkeeper Maokai 375
Striker Lucian 375

2 years ago

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