Support international teams with IWC bundles

By Magus

We’ve all seen the impact an International Wild Card (IWC) region can make at international events, and now you can show your support for these emerging teams on the Rift! Cheer on your favorite region with an IWC team icon as they battle to be the best in their region and to join the fight at 2015 Worlds in Europe.

Support your favorite IWC teams and leagues with our new esports icon bundles. Our IWC League Bundles include 2015 team icons from Turkey, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Brazil and Oceania for 1600 RP and the Latin America bundle for 2400 RP. Each IWC League bundle will unlock all the 2015 team icons for that region. All bundles will be available until September 1.

With the march to Worlds on the horizon, we can’t wait to see which teams will advance to the IWC Qualifiers. Head on over to Lolesports to stay updated on all the IWC esports action.

4 years ago

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