Visit Your Shop before it expires on June 18

By Bilby

Don’t miss out: Your Shop is open in the League client during the Curse of the Drowned event!

Discountbot has DEMANDED that we open up Your Shop for the duration of the Curse of the Drowned event. (The bot also wanted to call it Yarr Shop, but we have to draw the line somewhere.)

If you’re not familiar with Your Shop:

  • The generally well-intentioned Discountbot selects six skins that it thinks you’ll like and offers them at varying discounts
  • These discounts may include Legacy skins not currently available in the store
  • If you receive a skin discount on a champion you don’t own, the same discount will also be applied to the champ
  • Ultimate, Legendary, Limited, Gemstone, and relatively new skins (released in the last three months) will not be featured in Your Shop

Your Shop will be open for business until June 18, 2018, at 11:59 PM PT.

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