Welcome to the Poro Masters Collection

By Popstar Urf

Hello, I’m Kranz Kippers, joined today by Marquis McDougal III. Welcome to the Poro Masters Collection.

Today we have three select pieces from the collection, each one a soaring tribute to what many suspect is the poro’s true calling: the finer arts.

That’s right Kranz; what you see here are three icons representing the divine trinity of poro artistry. These, of course, are: cosplay, webcomics, and artwork.

Truly breathtaking, Marquis.

Indeed, Kranz. They truly take the breath away.

They are literally taking my breath away, Marquis. Senses...fading.

Breathe, Kranz. Breathe.


It seems my co-host is no longer conscious. Alas, such a shame. But fret not, you can pick up each icon for 250 RP in the League store until February 9 at 23:59 PST.

Join us next time for our in-depth look at famous poro oil painters and their influence on both the post-industrial age and the ice age. This has been the Poro Masters Collection.

3 years ago

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