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By RiotShantzilla

The stage is set and the Summoner’s Cup waits for the best team in the world to claim it. Gear up for the 2015 World Championship with the Worlds Shop, an in-game hub loaded with Icons, Wards, bundles, sales, and a new Championship skin.

Check out what to look out for and when to look out for it below. And don’t forget, you can find everything from the Worlds Shop in the Featured section of the store.

What's New

  • 2015 World Championship Team Icons [September 28 - November 5]:  Grab a Worlds team icon for 250 RP and support your favorite team.

    If you have a World Championship Team icon equipped during Worlds month, you can display a special in-game emote of your team’s logo by activating the mastery emote binding. After Patch 5.21, the emotes will retire as we clean up the confetti, but the icons will stick around.

    Celebrate victory with your favorite team! Players who own the 2015 World Champions’ team icon before the start of Finals (4:30 AM PDT) will be rewarded with a bonus winner’s icon after Worlds is over.

  • 2015 Championship Ward [September 28 - November 5]: Bring back the spirit of this year’s Worlds with the 2015 Championship ward skin for 640 RP. This exclusive ward skin is only available during Worlds this year.

  • 2015 World Championship Icon [September 28 - November 5]:  Pick up this celebratory icon for 1 IP.

  • Championship Kalista [September 28 - November 5]: Available for 975 RP, Kalista joins the Championship line this year. Grab a Championship Thresh partner and bring a little bold blue to bot. Champ Kalista is only around for a limited time, so pick her up before she hits the legacy vault.

Legacy Content

Grab eSports content from years past as they leave the legacy vault from September 28th until November 5th. Championship Thresh and Shyvana will make a comeback along with every Championship Team skin (FNC, TPA, SKT T1, SSW).

Worlds Big Plays Sales

If there is a Pentakill or Baron steal during Worlds, the chances of landing a legendary or eSports-inspired skin will double when you send a Mystery Gift. If there are two or more trigger events during the same stage (see below) we’ll up the chances even further. At the end of each stage, the bonus will reset and start over. Who said Big Plays couldn’t get any bigger?

  • Stage 1: Group Stage 1 [October 1-4]
  • Stage 2: Group Stage 2 [October 8-11]
  • Stage 3: Quarterfinals [October 15-18]
  • Stage 4: Semifinals and Finals [October 24, 25, 31]
  • Bonus:  If you send a Mystery Gift during every stage (4 total), you’ll get the 2015 Championship Ward totally free.

The store will update when a bonus is active, so you know when to send your Mystery Gifts.

Bundles of Bundles

Focus on your favorite role, or pick up the whole lot at a mega discount with our Mega Bundle. As always, team skins will have a bundle too. All bundles are available from September 28 - November 5.

  • Esports Mega Bundle - 50% off at 9338 RP (17594 RP if you need the champions)
    • All available legacy eSports skins: SSW Team Skins, FNC Team Skins, SKT T1 Team Skins, TPA Team Skins, Championship Thresh, Championship Shyvana, SKT T1 Ward, 2015 Championship Ward (22 skins, 2 ward skins)
  • Team Champions Top Bundle - 30% off at 2100 RP (4024 RP if you need the champions)
    • SSW Singed, SKT T1 Jax, TPA Shen, FNC Karthus
  • Team Champions Jungle Bundle - 30% off at 2100 RP (4423 RP if you need the champions)
    • SSW Rengar, SKT T1 Lee Sin, TPA Mundo, FNC Jarvan
  • Team Champions Mid Bundle - 30% off at 2100 RP (4567 if you need the champions)
    • SSW Talon, SKT T1 Zed, TPA Orianna, FNC Gragas
  • Team Champions AD Bundle - 30% off at 2257 RP (4595 RP if you need the champions)
    • SSW Twitch, SKT T1 Vayne, TPA Ezreal, FNC Corki
  • Team Champions Support Bundle - 30% off at 2257 RP (4212 RP if you need the champions)
    • SSW Thresh, SKT T1 Zyra, TPA Nunu, FNC Janna
  • Fnatic Team Bundle - 30% off at 2625 RP (5309 RP if you need the champions)
    • FNC Corki, FNC Gragas, FNC Janna, FNC Jarvan IV, FNC Karthus
  • TPA Team Bundle - 30% off at 2625 RP (5001 RP if you need the champions)
    • TPA Mundo, TPA Ezreal, TPA Nunu, TPA Orianna, TPA Shen
  • SKT T1 Team Bundle - 30% off at 3073 RP (6078 RP if you need the champions)
    • SKT T1 Jax, SKT T1 Lee Sin, SKT T1 Vayne, SKT T1 Zed, SKT T1 Zyra, SKT T1 Ward
  • SSW Team Bundle - 30% off at 2939 RP (5881 RP if you need the champions)
    • SSW Rengar, SSW Singed, SSW Twitch, SSW Thresh, SSW Talon
  • 2015 Worlds Icons Bundle - 20% off at 3200 RP
    • Includes all 16 team icons from the 2015 World Championship

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