Your Shop is open for business!

By Bilby

Your Shop is open for business!

Discountbot told me he’s finally cracked the code and has literally perfect deals for everybody! … He always says that, though.

If you’re not familiar with Your Shop:

  • We’ve got the best dang customized deals in the whole wide client
  • The thoughtful and kind-hearted Discountbot selects six skins that he thinks you’ll like and offers them at varying discounts
  • These discounts may include Legacy skins not currently available in the store
  • If you receive a skin discount on a champion you don’t own, the same discount will also be applied to the champ
  • Ultimate, Legendary, Limited, Gemstone, and relatively new skins (released in the last 3 months) will not be featured in Your Shop Stop reading and go see what you got

We’ll be open for business until August 30, 2018, at 11:59 PM PDT. Even though Discountbot says everything will be perfect, you should still let us know how we did!

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