Most Recent Store Update News

RP update: Cost and refunds

We’re updating our global pricing and refund policies on March 5th.
6 months ago

Social skins headed to the vault soon!

The end of an era: The free social skins will soon wave goodbye as most head to the vault. Dreadknight Garen, while still purchasable for RP in the store, will no longer be free through a social promotion. Learn how to redeem them for free before they’re gone!
1 year ago

Unlock the Elementalist border while you can

The time to pick up the Elemental Origin border and Elementalist Icon is almost up.
2 years ago

League of Legends Pop! vinyl figures available now

League of Legends Pop! vinyl figures are available now at GameStop. You can choose from Vi, Braum, Jinx, Lee Sin, Ashe, and Thresh. The Pop! Collection is launching in North America but will become available in additional regions later in the year. Available now exclusively at GameStop in stores or online.
3 years ago


Acquire this cache to complete the First Strike and unlock unique loading screen cards for new PROJECT skins.
3 years ago

League of Legends Pop! vinyl figures incoming!

We're excited to announce our collaboration with Funko on a new line of League of Legends Pop! vinyl figures. You can choose from Vi, Braum, Jinx, Lee Sin, Ashe, and Thresh. The collection premieres today for pre-order at GameStop. A limited-edition Amumu Pop! is also available for pre-order exclusively through the League of Legends Collector's Box. The box comes with a mini Lucian figure, a Thresh Pocket Pop! Keychain and a mystery three pack of mini Poros. Pre-order exclusively at GameStop
3 years ago

Hextech Mystery Champion Shards arrive

Hextech Mystery Champion Shards are here! Each shard grants a champ shard so you can unlock those level 6 and 7 masteries faster-y.
3 years ago

Store Visual Update Incoming

We're making some visual changes to the store and wanted to give you a heads up before everything goes live.
3 years ago

Figure Fest is coming 11/27/15!

Prepare yourself! Figure Fest arrives full force on 11/27! From the Rift to your desk, all figures 30% off or get any two for $30. Festivities end 12/4, so don't miss the celebration. Preview all the new figures joining the collection now.
3 years ago

Legacy esports and SSW skins say goodbye for now

The legacy esports and SSW skins head to the vault.
4 years ago