Champion & Skin Sale: Forgotten by Freljord

By Ashe

While we fight for the Freljord, champions watching from afar languish for lack of attention. I wonder what their thoughts on our conflict are.


  • Battleborn Kayle misses the heat of battle. She wants to test her mettle against Black Ice armaments and stretch her wings across the Howling Abyss' brutal murderbridge. 487 RP


  • Deadly Kennen isn't taking questions; he's left a note pinned by a shuriken on the door of his home. It reads: "Ava-who? Winter-what?" 260 RP


  • You'd think that Freljord Rammus would take a side in the ongoing conflict, but he rates all three leaders as merely, "Ok". 260 RP


  • Draven has his own opinions on the icy conflict. The three leaders may not know, but the Noxian has offered himself as a prize to the victor. "I'll melt the ice right off their frozen hearts!" 487 RP


  • Amumu just doesn't get it. "I don't see why they don't get along. No one even cares enough to fight over me..." ;-; 292 RP


  • The Swift Scout, Teemo, responded: "I can't comment on any upcoming or ongoing expeditions and I'm absolutely sure that the war in the North won't affect the security of Bandle City!" 292 RP


Don't forget these champions while war rages in the North. These prices will last from May 10 to May 13.

6 years ago

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