Champion & skin sale: New hires

By Corporate Mundo

Corporate Mundo checked email and have many new resumes to read for positions at Mundo Corp. Mundo have to keep opening new job positions because peons keep dying or die trying to quit. CORPORATE MUNDO HATE QUITTERS WORSE THAN LAZY PEONS. Ironically, punishment is same. Help Mundo go through prospective candidates and you get discounts.


  • First resume is fishy Fizz. He has experience working with slimy bottom feeders, so he fit in good at Mundo Corp. Department of Slackers. 487 RP


  • Karma's resume says she lead Ionian people through tumultuous times. Mundo Corp. never go through tumultuous times because of supreme corporate leadership skills and cleaver-throwing acumen. 395 RP


  • Why would Malphite apply to Mundo Co.? Where he find job description that say, Mundo need Senior VP of Giant Rock Monsters? NOT AN APPROVED POSITION. 292 RP



  • Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate have lots of personal information on his resume, including "very lucky" and "can do card tricks." Mundo see slacker written all over this guy. 260 RP


  • Mundo Co. not have dress code, but may have to implement one after hiring French Maid Nidalee. EVERYONE WEAR MAID OUTFITS NOW. 260 RP


  • Dynasty Ahri leave off crucial piece of information from resume that Mundo find on LinkedIn: previous job was scaring little children and eating souls. INSTANT HIRE. 487 RP


Mundo get many good candidates from this round of resumes, so you get discounts from April 30 to May 3. Then Mundo chain new employees to desks so work get done.

6 years ago

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