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NA Clash test starts August 19

Team creation for the NA Clash test opens August 19. To qualify, finish your ranked placements and make sure you’re above Honor level 2. Tournaments run on Saturday and Sunday—you can play for free (no ticket required) over one or both days. GLHF!
6 days ago

Takeover | 2019 LCS Summer Semifinals Tease

The LCS Summer Semifinals begin this weekend with Cloud9 vs Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid vs Clutch Gaming.
1 week ago

This or That | Bot Lane Soup Kitchen

This or That is back with Kobe and Cap as they duel it out over Bjergsen’s future, LCS Semifinals, and Cody Won.
1 week ago

Pressure Index: LCS Semifinals

Each Semifinals team must wrestle with different pressures. Which team faces the most?
1 week ago

Lux Issue #4

Sylas’ master plan is revealed! But is it too late for a guilt-ridden Lux to turn the tide?
1 week ago

9.16: Lore Update

In this lore update we’re introducing Pantheon: The Unbreakable Spear.
1 week ago

The Penta | The Great Bamboozle

This week on The Penta we’ve got some seriously good Azir shuffling, a perfectly executed Triple Kill on Akali, and Emp pulls off a great bamboozle.
1 week ago

Pantheon Short Story: For Those Who Have Fallen

Read Pantheon’s short story on Universe.
1 week ago