The Harrowing


  • So previous Harrowing skins are being rereleased? Which ones will be available?

    Harrowing 2010: Mundo Mundo, Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks, Kitty Cat Katarina, Zombie Ryze, Lollipoppy, Nosferatu Vladimir

    Harrowing 2011: Frankentibbers Annie, Definitely Not Blitzcrank, Bewitching Nidalee, Haunting Nocturne

    Harrowing/Shadow Isles 2012: Headless Hecarim, Haunted Maokai, Underworld Twisted Fate, Headmistress Fiora, Pirate Ryze, Zombie Brand

  • How long will the Harrowing skins be available in the store?

    The 2010, 2011 and 2012 skins will be available from October 29 to November 12, before returning to the legacy vault. Haunted Zyra and Officer Vi, the 2013 Harrowing skins, are not legacy and will be available year round.

  • Why did you decide to rerelease the old skins? I thought they were limited?

    While some of the original Harrowing skins were initially intended as limited skins, overwhelming player feedback has been that this creates an extremely negative experience for players who cannot acquire their favorite skin for their favorite champion. We believe that skins should be more about self-expression and fun than exclusivity, so we are rereleasing them in a limited way. Read more in our Limited Edition skins announcement here.

Mystery Gifting

  • What is Mystery Gifting?

    Mystery Gifting allows you to pick up a surprise gift for your friends! For 490 RP, you will be able to send your friends a random skin worth at least 520 RP for a champion they own.

  • What skins are eligible for Mystery Gifting?

    Most skins for Champions that your friend owns are eligible for Mystery Gifting, as long as they are worth at least 520 RP. Every skin on sale in the store will be eligible and this includes Legendary and even Ultimate skins! There are even some Legacy skins not for sale in the store that are included like Scuba Gragas and Annie in Wonderland.

  • And it’s not possible for my friend to receive a skin for a champion they don’t own?

    Nope, your friend can only receive skins for champions they already own. For example, your friend cannot receive Panda Annie if they don’t already own Annie as a champion.

  • And what about skins my friend already owns?

    Your friend can only receive a skin that they don’t already own. No duplicate skins will be added to their account.

  • How long is Mystery Gifting available?

    Mystery Gifting will be available throughout the Harrowing event, so make sure you send all of your surprise presents to your friends before the event ends!

  • Will Mystery Gifting come back?

    Mystery Gifting is only planned for the duration of Harrowing 2013, but may return in the future.

  • What are the requirements for Mystery Gifting?
    • The player receiving the gift needs to have been on your buddy list for at least two weeks
    • If a player uses the /mute or /ignore chat command on someone, they will have to re-add the friend, and wait two weeks until a gift can be sent to that player
    • The player receiving the gift needs to be at least level 10
    • The player receiving the gift cannot be banned or suspended (this includes LeaverBuster, Tribunal, etc)
    • The player receiving the gift must have at least 10 unowned skins that they are eligible to receive for champions they own
    • The player sending the gift must be at least level 20
    • You can only send up to three gifts per day

Ward skins

  • Will these be temporary like last year or permanent?

    The Harrowing ward skins will be free to use for the duration of the event, and can be purchased during the event for 640 RP. This means that after you’ve purchased the ward skins, you will be able to keep them on your account permanently.

  • How long will the Harrowing ward skins be available in the store?

    The Harrowing ward skins will be available to purchase after the event until November 19.


  • How do I earn the exclusive Harrowing summoner icons?

    There are five different icons you can earn:

    • Use a Harrowing ward skin and the tombstone angel icon shall be yours!
    • Buy any piece of Harrowing content and the spectral guise of the altar lady icon is yours
    • Venture into the Twisted Treeline and terrify friends and foes alike with a Vilemaw icon
    • Surprise a friend with a mystery gift and unlock the ghostly shopkeeper’s grim visage
    • Earn all four rewards to unlock the fifth Harrowing 2013 icon: the Morellonomicon
  • How long do I have to obtain the exclusive Harrowing summoner icons?

    As long as you’ve completed the achievements for each icon by November 12, you’ll be eligible for the Harrowing summoner icons.

  • When will the icons be added to my account?

    The Harrowing summoner icons are added by script, so they may not be available on your account immediately after you unlock them. Players should receive their icons no more than three days after the event ends (November 15).