League Director is a downloadable content creation tool that hooks up to the Replay API on League. Play a replay from your match history, boot up League Director, and you’ll have access to a timeline, camera tools, video exporting, and a lot more.

Download here.

Freely move the camera around the map to capture cinematic gameplay angles with keyframe support. Slow down playback and zoom into that game-winning Baron steal.

Show or hide elements on the map. Get rid of the announcer popups, healthbars, particles, UI, or… Teemo? Change the skybox to one of the landscapes provided, or chroma key your own.

Export your creation to .webm or .png sequence, throw it into your preferred editing suite, and share it with the world.

League Director is open source, meaning community developers can create their own copies with new features and modify and release them as they wish. Download and fork your own version from the Riot Games Github, or check out the Replay API on the Developer Portal. If you want to get more for making content, apply for the League Partner Program.

League Director is currently only available in English, and compatible with PC.