December 10 - January 7

A chill in the air; A handful of ice

A present for you; How lovely, how nice!

It’s round and it’s cold; Packed tight and frozen

A face full of frost for the unlucky chosen

The battle starts now; Put some cold in your fist

Snowdown arrives with an aerial twist

So throw on some gloves and step into the sun

This Snowdown’s about snowballs and friends having fun!

Legacy Snowdown skins, wards, and icons glide into the vault on January 7 at 23:59 PST!


12/10 - 1/7

Bundled Minion icon

250 RP


Icy Minion icon

250 RP or 1500 IP


Project: Poro icon

250 RP


Penguin Skier ward

640 RP



These little guys are feeling the cold and bundling up before hitting the battlefield. Snowdown minions slide into lane starting December 10. Spend some time with these frost-ready friends before they shed their cold weather gear.

Snowball Fight

12/10 - 1/7

Show your friends you love them with a snowball to the face! You can throw four new Legacy Snowball icons at your pals for 100 IP each all through Snowdown. Each time you toss a Snowball icon, whoever it hits will get to keep one of the four randomly selected icons and rack up a one-win IP boost!


Ends January 7

A grand decree from his eminence, the Poro King:

Greetings, I return.

The Poro King has spoken!

Let it be known!


The poros are back and they’re joining your side in Legend of the Poro King. Jumping into a match, you’ll see two poro pals flanking you in combat. Each one grants a summoner spell that will help you call forth and aid the majestic Poro King!

The Poro King is a mega-classy super minion that heals your team, regenerates mana, and deals AoE damage while handing out royal beatdowns to enemy towers on the Howling Abyss. Summon the mighty Poro King by landing Poro Toss ten times. The King will serve as a sieging dynamo for you until he is killed by the enemy team in a regicide most foul.


Activate Poro Toss once to toss your teeny poro pal across the map. If the lil’ fella hits a target, trigger Poro Toss again to Poro Dash, which will send you soaring towards an unlucky enemy. If your team lands ten Poro Tosses, his excellence the Poro King will plop down and begin his royal wreckery.


When the Poro King hits Howling Abyss, activate To the King! to transform into one of the King’s loyal (fluffy) subjects and fly to his majestic side.


Pick up a poro icon for 250 RP and grab a special skin for your poro pals in Legend of the Poro King for a limited time. Or pick up the Poro Pride bundle to get a 20% discount on all six! To trick out your poros, follow these handy steps:

  • Buy any poro icon
  • Equip your new icon before launching into a Legend of the Poro King match
  • Enjoy the skins worn by your two poro buddies in Legend of the Poro King

Poro Wards



Astronaut Poro Ward


Gentleman Poro Ward


Battlecast Poro Ward


Dragonslayer Poro Ward


Underworld Poro Ward


Snowdown Bundles

12/10 - 1/7

Self Mystery Gifting

12/10 - 12/15

From December 10 until December 15 at 23:59 PST, snag a randomly selected un-owned champ, skin, ward, or icon currently in the store worth 520 RP or higher with self Mystery Gifting. Mystery skins, of course, will only be unlocked for champs you own. So go ahead, treat yourself.

Mystery Champion

490 RP

Mystery Skin

490 RP

Mystery Ward

380 RP

Mystery Chest

790 RP

Mystery Icon

150 RP

Snowstorm Sale

12/16 - 1/7

A storm’s rolling in, carrying with it an icy torrent of Legacy skins so massive you’ll need a snowplow to move it. Read more about the Snowstorm Sale below!


12/16 - 12/30

Stoke the fires and stock up on discounted champs and skins unique to you this Snowdown season. Your Snowdown Shop features six unique champions or skins (excluding Legendary, Ultimate, and Limited) released more than three months ago — all discounted at up to 70 percent off.

Check out Your Snowdown Shop, opening soon!


Heads up! Legendary Snowball starts December 23 and ends January 7!

When you buy or receive a Legendary or Ultimate skin this Snowdown, you’ll unlock a free Mystery skin! If that Mystery skin happens to be a Legendary or Ultimate, it unlocks another Mystery skin and can continue to snowball from there. As an added bonus, we’re doubling your chance to unlock a Legendary when you receive each Legendary Snowball Mystery skin.





  • Q: How does this work again?

    A: When you send your friend a Snowball icon, they will receive one of the four icons chosen at random. If they own any of those icons already, they will not get it again and instead receive an unowned icon and a one-win IP boost.

  • Q: Do my friends get to keep the Snowball icons I throw at them?

    A: Yep! They will own that Snowball icon once you throw it at them.

  • Q: Can I send my friend all four Snowball icons?

    A: Yes. You can send them up to all four icons as long as they don’t own them already.

  • Q: Can I buy myself Snowball icons?

    A: You cannot buy yourself Snowball icons.

  • Q: Do Snowball icons count against my daily gifting limit?

    A: Yes, but we’ve raised the limit to 20 gifts per day for the duration of Snowdown.

  • Q: What is Your Snowdown Shop?

    A: It’s a new in-client Snowdown store outfitted with deals unique to you.

  • Q: How long will these deals last?

    A: Each deal will be available from December 16 to December 30 at 23:59 PST

  • Q: How long will Your Snowdown Shop be open for?

    A: Your Snowdown Shop will be open from December 16 to December 30 at 23:59 PST

  • Q: When I purchase a deal, does a new one take its place?

    A: A new deal won’t take the place of any skin or champ you buy in Your Snowdown Shop.

  • Q: Can I get a different set of discounted skins and champs?

    A: We’re only offering the current displayed skins and champs in Your Snowdown Shop.

  • Q: What happens if I purchase all of the deals from Your Snowdown Shop? Will it refill?

    A: Then you’re all done! Once all available champs and skins are purchased, Your Snowdown Shop will be empty.

  • Q: Are Legendary or Ultimate skins included in Your Snowdown Shop?

    A: No, these skins are offered on sale just once, during their Early Sale, so you won’t see them here. We also aren’t including Limited skins, but you’ll have a chance to get discounts on skins three months or older in Your Snowdown Shop.

  • Q: Why if I get a skin for a champion I don’t own?

    A: You can choose to buy the champion with RP at the discount or buy it for IP without a discount. That said, you’ll need to go into the regular store front to buy with IP.

  • Q: What if I buy something for full price, but then see it discounted in Your Snowdown Shop?

    A: Submit a support ticket, and we’ll refund you and adjust for the discounted price.

  • Q: Why can’t I give these skins at this discount as a gift to my friends?

    A: Your friends have offers unique to each of them. Your Snowdown Shop is available for a limited-time, so everybody has an equal chance to grab a deal. But every offer is specific to each player, so we’re not including gifting.

  • Q: How does this work again?

    A: From December 23 until January 7 at 23:59 PST, whenever you buy or are gifted a Legendary or Ultimate skin, you’ll get a free Mystery skin. If that Mystery skin is a Legendary or an Ultimate, you’ll get another Mystery skin and so on. As an added bonus, we’re doubling your chance to unlock a Legendary when you receive each Legendary Snowball Mystery skin.

  • Q: Is there a limit to how many Legendary skins I could unlock?

    A: Nope. You can snowball any amount of Legendaries if you continue to unlock them through Mystery skins until Legendary Snowball ends.

  • Q: What if I buy five Legendaries, will I get five Mystery skins?

    A: Yes. Yes you will.

  • Q: If I buy a Legendary or Ultimate skin and then refund it, do I get to keep the Mystery skin?

    A: We are disabling refunds on Legendary and Ultimate skins while Legendary Snowball is going on.

  • Q: If my friend gifts me a standard Mystery skin during Legendary Snowball and it’s a Legendary or Ultimate, do I get a Mystery skin?

    A: Yes! Anytime a Legendary or Ultimate is received while Legendary Snowball is happening, a free Mystery skin will be unlocked.

  • Q: Do permanently discounted Legendary skins (i.e. Primetime Draven, Surprise Party Fiddlesticks) also apply to Legendary Snowball?

    A: Yes they do!

  • Q: Do Legendary skins currently on sale apply to Legendary Snowball?

    A: Yes! They roll into Legendary Snowball.

  • Q: What is a Mystery Skin?

    A: Picking up a Mystery skin guarantees a random unowned skin worth 520 RP or more for a champion you own.

  • Q: How long will Legend of the Poro King be available?

    A: The grand Poro King will grace Howling Abyss all through Snowdown!

  • Q: If I have poro icons from last year’s Legend of the Poro King, will the poro skins carry over this year?

    A: Yes! Your poro icons will work exactly as they did last year.

  • Q: Where can I find Legend of the Poro King?

    A: The game mode will be available to select in the game mode queue of the client.

  • Q: Is there a PROJECT: Poro ward?

    A: No there’s not a PROJECT: Poro ward.