MSI Hits the Rift

With the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational just around the corner, check out everything we have coming out to celebrate the upcoming battle of the regions! The festivities will kick off on April 24, 2017 and here’s everything you need to know to be a part of the epic clash of the regions:

A New Skin Conquers the Rift

We previously announced that the Challenger skin would contribute to the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational prize pool just like Championship Zed for the World Championship. As we explained in our PBE post, we took this opportunity to rethink the skin line that normally launches for start of season, and created something we think fits much better with MSI 2017. With this redesign we’ll also be renaming the line to “Conqueror” — a title more evocative of the regional clash at the Mid-Season Invitational each year — and the single victor that it crowns.

For the Conqueror skin line, we chose an esports-resonant champion based on pro play rates at Worlds to give us enough time to create a high-quality skin. Similarly, the Championship skin launching at Worlds will use top play rates from MSI. For both of these skin lines, we also consider other factors like how well the champion fits the skin’s aesthetic and champion usage among all players.

Conqueror Karma will be available in the store from April 24, 2017 through May 24, 2017 23:59 PT for 975 RP. 25% of the total sales from Conqueror Karma and Conqueror ward skin sales will be contributed to the MSI 2017 prize pool.

Special Edition Conqueror Karma


During MSI 2017 only, players can unlock the MSI 2017 Conqueror Karma Bundle to raise the stakes of the prize pool and get more exclusives. To pay tribute to our players who are supporting esports, the MSI 2017 Conqueror Karma Bundle includes content that will not be coming back to the store. The additional content includes the Conqueror Ward (not exclusive) and an exclusive Conqueror Karma Summoner Icon and loading screen border. While Conqueror Karma will return during Worlds and MSI each year, the loading screen border and icon are meant to commemorate players who were playing and watching during the event, so they will not return to the store. You’ll be able to pick up the MSI 2017 Conqueror Karma Bundle for 1616 RP (2208 RP if you need the champion) from April 24, 2017 through May 24, 2017 23:59 PT.

  • Conqueror Karma
  • Karma (25% Off)
  • Conqueror Ward
  • Conqueror Karma Icon (1RP)

Players that purchase the skin and ward skin separately rather than through the bundle will still be granted the Conqueror Karma Icon and special loading screen border after the conclusion of the event to make sure that no one misses out by mistake! Make sure to pick up the full bundle to get the icon and border right away!

T2 Region Icons


MSI 2017 Fandom Contest

We’re bringing the rivalry to the Rift, where players will be able to represent their region in the MSI 2017 Fandom Contest. The region with the highest percentage of players equipping their MSI 2017 icon and playing games will dominate the leaderboard and unlock rewards for all players participating. Both the region who wins the contest along with the region whose team wins MSI 2017 will receive an MSI 2017 winner’s icon and a three-day IP boost. Your region’s icon will be available in the store for 1 IP, alongside 250 RP Tier 2 icons for all global regions that come with a temporary emote usable during the event from April 24, 2017 - May 21, 2017 11:59 PT. All regional icons, either for IP or RP, contribute to the MSI Fandom Battle.

Points on the leaderboard are calculated using a number of variables including number of players who have equipped the icon, number of games those players have played, and total number of players in each region. TL;DR region size does not affect chances of winning, and every region has fair shot!

You can check in on the leaderboard weekly to see what region comes out on top, either on the MSI 2017 broadcast or on this article. Updates will go live:

  • Start of Play-In Stage, April 28, 2017
  • Start of Group Stage, May 3, 2017
  • Start of Knockout Stage, May 10, 2017
  • Start of the Finals, May 19, 2017

The battle will end just before the tournament’s final day, on May 20, 2017 at 16:00 PT.

MSI 2017 Capsules

On MSI 2017 broadcast days, don’t miss out on an event-exclusive loot container that’s packed with valuable surprises: the MSI Capsule. For 600 RP, you are guaranteed:

  • An esports skin shard (score one for an SKT, SSW, TPA, Fnatic, or Challenger skin, which are all Legacy)
  • Two skin shards

As a small bonus, we’re also increasing the gemstone drop rate by 50%, with a rare chance to obtain up to three gemstones per capsule.

MSI 2017 on the Rift

Throughout MSI this year, you’ll also see some celebratory decorations on the Rift. Keep an eye out for event banners flying in each base and the MSI 2017 logo emblazoned on mid lane.

Get hype for pentakills and baron steals

We’re bringing back the Pentakill and Baron Steal Mystery Gifting Trigger during MSI 2017. Every time one of the two triggers occurs, you’ll see a graphic pop up under the scoreboard, signalling that the chance for Legendary and esports skins has increased in all mystery gifts. This chance can stack up to four times and resets back to one at 23:59 PT on the last broadcast day of the stage:

  • Play-In Stage Round 1
  • April 27 - May 1 Triggers reset May 1 23:59 PT

  • Play-In Stage Rounds 2-3
  • May 3 - May 6 Triggers reset May 6 23:59 PT

  • Group Stage
  • May 10 - May 14 Triggers reset May 14 23:59 PT

  • Knockout Stage
  • May 18 - May 22 Triggers reset May 22 23:59 PT

- Challenger Skins

- Team Skins

Bundles and Legacy

Esports Legacy skins will come out of the vault for a limited time, so grab them before they’re gone again! The skins will be available individually or in the following discounted bundles:

  • Challenger Nidalee (Available, not discounted)
  • Challenger Ahri (Available, not discounted)
  • Fnatic Team Bundle
  • 2625 RP or 5309 RP (if you need the champions)
  • TPA Team Bundle
  • 2625 RP or 5001 RP (if you need the champions)
  • SKT T1 2013 Team Bundle
  • 3073 RP or 6012 RP (if you need the champions)
  • SSW Team Bundle
  • 2940 RP or 5654 RP (if you need the champions)
  • SKT T1 2015 Team Bundle
  • 4092 RP or 7345 RP (if you need the champions)
  • 2017 MSI Esports Mega Bundle
  • 11940 RP or 22750 RP (if you need the champions)


  • Will future purchases of Conqueror Karma contribute to esports this year (i.e., during Worlds)?

    No, only during MSI 2017 from April 24, 2017 through May 24, 2017 23:59 PT will Conqueror Karma contribute to the prize pool.

  • Does the Pentakill and Baron Steal trigger affect Hextech Chests or the MSI Capsule?

    No it does not, only mystery gifts.

  • Do both the IP and RP icons contribute to the contest?

    Yes! Any MSI 2017 regional icon contributes points for your region

  • Can I use my old MSI icons to contribute to the contest?

    No, only MSI 2017 icons will count toward the contest

  • Can I contribute to other regions’ leaderboards?

    Yes, you can contribute points to whichever region whose icon you’re wearing, but only your home region’s icon will be free in the store. If you support the winning region, regardless of whether or not you’re on that server, you will receive the rewards!

  • Is there a limit on how many MSI Capsules I can purchase?

    You can purchase 25 capsules per day on each day that it is available, and the purchase limit is not shared with other Hextech Chests

  • How does the MSI prize pool work?

    The MSI prize pool is made up of a base of $250,000, coupled with 25% of the total sale of Conqueror Karma and ward skins, which is guaranteed to be at least $750,000, for a total prize pool of at least $1 million.

    Here’s how it’s broken down by team placement at MSI 2017:

    • Champion: 40%
    • 2nd Place: 20%
    • 3rd/4th Place: 10% each
    • 5th/6th Place: 5% each
    • 7th Place: 2.5%
    • 8th/9th Place: 1.5% each
    • 10th/11th Place: 1.25% each
    • 12th/13th Place: 1% each