The Snowdown


  • What the heck is Showdown?

    Showdown is a Featured Game Mode where players battle in 1v1 and 2v2 fights on the Howling Abyss.

    • How does the Showdown work?

      Games will be played in the Blind Draft game type. Each team has the opportunity to ban out three champions, after which the game proceeds to a Blind Pick phase. After both teams have locked in their picks, there will be an additional period of time in which the enemy picks are revealed to each team – this gives players a chance to adjust runes, masteries and summoner spells accordingly before the match starts.

      • How do I win Showdown?
        • First blood (or first 2 kills in a 2v2 game)
        • Enemy tower destroyed
        • 100 Creep Score achieved (in a 2v2 game the Creep Score of both players is added together)
        • What are the requirements to play Showdown?

          You need to be Summoner level 10 or higher to participate in the Showdown.

Champion Skins

Mystery Gifting

  • What is Mystery Gifting?

    Mystery Gifting allows summoners to send their friends a surprise gift. There are two different kinds of Mystery Gifting during Snowdown this year. For 490 RP, you can send your friend a random Mystery Skin for one of the champions they own, OR you can send your friend a random Mystery Champion they don’t own. In either case, the gift will be worth at least 520 RP.

    • What skins are eligible for Mystery Gifting?

      Any skin for any Champion that your friend owns is eligible as a Mystery Skin, as long as your friend doesn’t already own the skin and it’s currently worth 520 RP or higher and available in the store. This includes Legendary and even Ultimate skins! There are also some Legacy skins not for sale in the store that will be obtainable in the Snowdown Mystery Skin:

      For a complete list of all the different skin types, check out our Guide to Champion Skin Types.

      • What champions are eligible for a Mystery Champion gift?

        All champions that your friend doesn’t own valued at 520 RP or more are eligible.

        • What are the requirements for gifting to friends?

          • The player receiving the gift needs to have been on your buddy list for at least two weeks.
          • If a player uses the /mute or /ignore chat command on someone, they will have to re-add the friend, and wait two weeks until a gift can be sent to that player.
          • The player receiving the gift needs to be at least level 10.
          • The player receiving the gift cannot be banned or suspended (this includes LeaverBuster, Tribunal, etc).
          • The player receiving the gift must have at least 10 unowned skins OR champions that they are eligible to receive, depending on which gift is being given.
          • The player sending the gift must be at least level 20.
          • You can only send up to three gifts every 24 hours*.
          • You can only receive up to three gifts every 24 hours*.

          *After you reach your limit, you're able to purchase a fourth mystery gift 24 hours after your first purchase, a fifth mystery gift 24 hours after your second purchase, and so on. The limit does not reset at midnight.

          • Is it possible for my friend to receive a Mystery Skin for a champion they don’t own?

            Nope, your friend can only receive skins for champions they already own. For example, your friend cannot receive Bad Santa Veigar if they don’t already own Veigar as a champion.

            • What about skins my friend already owns?

              Your friend can only receive a skin that they don’t already own. No duplicate skins will be added to their account.

              • Are skins and champions received from Mystery Gifting refundable?

                No, just like regular Gifting, anything received from the Mystery Gifting feature is non-reversible and non-refundable.

                • How long is Mystery Gifting available?

                  Mystery Gifting will be available throughout the duration of the Snowdown event.

                  • Can I give myself a Mystery Gift?

                    Nope, sorry. :(

                    • Are there any other new Gifting options for Snowdown?

                      Yes! Rune pages can now be selected as gifts in addition to skins, champions or Mystery Gifts.

Ward Skins

  • Will ward skins be temporary like last year or permanent?

    Snowdown ward skins will be free to use for the duration of the event, and can be purchased during the event for 640 RP. This means that after you’ve purchased the ward skins, you’ll keep them on your account permanently.

    • How long will the Snowdown ward skins be available in the store?

      The Snowdown ward skins will be available to purchase during the event and for one week after the event ends.

Summoner Icon Rewards

  • How do I earn the summoner icon rewards?

    There are five icons to earn during Snowdown:

    • When do I get the rewards?

      The Snowdown summoner icons are added by script, so they may not be available on your account immediately after you unlock them. You should receive your icons no later than three days after the event ends.