A Frightening Fireside Community Collab

Darkness falls around the fire and The Umbra Society gathers to scare each other silly with horrifying tales of terror! Gather 'round and listen as Darius spins a yarn filled with deadly dirges and killer crows, if the other kids ever quiet down and let him talk that is.

This spooky story comes to us from couple of creepy cool fan creators, Luchador Teemo as wordsmith, with Ze bringing the awesome art!

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Our Collaborators

LuchadorTeemo: As a League of Legends superfan I was absolutely giddy to join a creator collaboration and dive into the limitless possibilities of the League Universe. Umbra Society pays homage to the young adult fireside horror genre we all grew up with. We welcome you to take a spooky journey with us and the intrepid Fright Stalkers. You can read some of my other stories here!

Ze: Hi! I'm Ze, a freelance concept artist and illustrator who loves doodling and playing games. League's been a huge inspiration over the years, helping me learn, improve, and try out new things. You can find me on Twitter and DeviantArt.