Hits the Rift

The 2016 World Championship is upon us, and we’re going bigger and better than ever on the Rift in celebration.


Have you been missing the spammy goodness of team emotes on broadcast? We made them even cooler! Want a new Championship skin? We’ve got just the ninja for you. Been waiting for us to bring back Championship Riven at long last? How about TWO RIVENS? Check out all the ways you can get into the World Championship spirit down below:

Who’s that Ninja?

We aim to put Championship skins on champions who are esports resonant in the past and present. With the five year anniversary of the skin line, we wanted to lean into something a bit more on the historic to match Riven’s impact on esports. We feel Zed is a champion who will remain esports resonant for a long time, even if his competitive popularity has currently dipped. Aside from esports resonance, we consider a lot of other factors as well, like fitting the skin theme and making sure a champion doesn’t get two skins at once.


Our skins are also many months in the making so it’s usually not possible to make an esports skin for current flavors of the month or latest metas with that fast of a turnaround. All this being said, we’re always assessing what champions could be good fits for upcoming esports skins and some of the top picks in competitive are being considered for Challenger.

Speaking of Championship skins, we’ve got five of them now! Just like we mentioned a while ago, that means we’ll be bringing back Championship Riven for the first time since 2012. In celebration of her relaunch and the completion of the Championship team comp, she’s getting a visual update to bring her up to par with our newer skins.

Even though we’re excited about bringing Riven back, we want to make sure that players who have owned her for all these years get something special to show that off. With that in mind, all players who currently own Championship Riven will get a special edition legacy Riven and a vintage loading screen border.

Team Icons and Emotes

Team Icons




You’ll be able to purchase one Championship Jewels Token for 150 IP per game day (15 total), so make sure to check out the schedule here. Championship Jewels Tokens will contain Championship Jewels you can use to upgrade your team icon and emote to tier 2 - you’ll need 5 out of 15 tokens to get there!

How about another level up? To reach tier 3 and unlock these brand new team recalls you’ll need another 6 tokens (for a total of 11/15 available). Here’s a quick infographic guide to crafting your Worlds team icons and emotes, and make sure to check out the FAQ at the bottom for a little more information!

Team icons come with a temporary emote to use during Worlds and can be upgraded with Championship Jewels through Hextech Crafting.

Purchase Championship Jewel tokens for 150 IP on broadcast days. You can only receive one token per broadcast day.

Check for the game day schedule!

(Awards 2 Jewels)

All purchased Hextech Chests come with regular Hextech drops and bonus Championship Jewels to upgrade faster.

(Awards 3 Jewels)


10 Championship Jewels to upgrade to T2

12 Championship Jewels to upgrade to T3



Crafting materials will expire at 23:59 PST on November 6 along with the team emotes, recalls, and leftover PROJECT crafting materials as well."

Mystery Gifting

If a trigger happens on the last day of a stage, it will be active for the following 24 hours to make sure you don’t miss out!

Map Accents

We’re bringing the spirit of Worlds back onto the rift, with even more map customizations than last year. The Championship map accents will be live from September 26 through November 6 at 23:59 PST.

- Team Skins

- Challenger Skins

- Championship Skins

Bundles and Legacy Skins

Just like every Worlds, all your favorite esports skins will return to the store individually and in bundles. Since the 2015 SKT Championship skins were just released, they will not yet be included in sales. Bundles will be:

3996 RP or 7211 RP (if you need the champions)

  • Riven (regular price - 975 RP)
  • Thresh (30% off)
  • Shyvana (30% off)
  • Kalista (30% off)
  • Zed (regular price - 975 RP)
  • FNC 2625 RP or 5309 RP (if you need the champions)
  • TPA 2625 RP or 5001 RP (if you need the champions)
  • SKT 2013 3073 RP or 6078 RP (if you need the champions)
  • SSW 2940 RP or 5656 RP (if you need the champions)

1365 RP or 2534 RP (if you need the champions)

  • Ahri
  • Nidalee

12429 RP or 22285 RP (if you need the champions)

  • 50% off Championship Skins except Zed and Riven (regular price)
  • 50% off Team Skins
  • 50% off Challenger Skins


  • What if I just want to buy the Championship Ward?

    The Championship Ward comes free with bundles of 10 Championship Chests, but it will also be available for purchase at the normal price of 640 RP

    (25% of sales contribute towards the Worlds prize pool).

  • Can I get the team icon recall without purchasing RP chests?

    The team recall and tier 3 emote can only be used by crafting the tier 3 icon, but if you bought the team icon you can upgrade to tier 3 using IP only.

  • Can I unlock all three levels right away without waiting for game days?

    Yes! If you don’t want to wait to get your team recall, purchasing 8 Championship Chests will allow you to craft it right away. Just like in the above, the upgrades won’t cost any additional RP and you’ll still get all the content you normally would in a regular Hextech Chest along with the Worlds bonuses.

  • Can I unlock more than one team icon and emote to level up?

    Yes, you can purchase as many team icons and emotes as you’d like.