Hextech Crafting and Loot

We’re introducing a new system to reward you with loot-filled chests through Champion Mastery when you or your premade perform well and also provide a way to pick up randomized content at large discounts.

Unlock chests with keys earned by winning matchmade games. You’ll find fragments of loot inside which you can redeem for content like champions, skins, and summoner icons.

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Earn Free Loot with Champion Mastery Rewards

The loot system is a new way to craft, earn, or purchase content like champions, skins, ward skins and summoner icons.

Mastery Chests

Earn locked Mastery Chests by performing well across a variety of champions or as part of a team. When you or someone in your premade party earns any S rank, you’ll acquire a chest. You can earn up to four chests each month, and each champion you play can earn you one chest per season.

You’ll see which champs you’re eligible for in champ select and on your champ details page.

Keys and loot in the store

To unlock your chests, you have a chance to randomly pick up a key each time you win any matchmade game and winning with friends results in finding more keys than going solo.

For those who just want to pick up content at a significant discount, we’re offering chests and keys individually in the store. All chests contain random loot worth more than the cost of the chest (well, depending on how you feel about Teemo) so you can purchase with the confidence of knowing you’re getting a good deal (but a direct purchase from the store will still be the best way to pick up specific items).

Hextech Crafting


Earn chests as rewards or purchase them in the store for 125 RP. Chests contain loot, loot shards, or essences and will sometimes include multiple loot types (but will never contain only essences).


Earn keys as rewards for winning any matchmade games or by purchasing them at the store for 125 RP. Keys unlock chests through Hextech Crafting.


Shards are crafting materials that can be combined via Hextech Crafting to unlock permanent content (like champions). Crafting not your thing? Shards can also be redeemed for limited time use.


Champion Essence

Champion essence is used to upgrade champion shards into permanent loot.

Cosmetic Essence

Cosmetic essence is used to craft all other types of loot from different kinds of shards, such as champion or ward skins.

Disenchanting, Upgrading, and Rerolling at the Crafting Table

Use the crafting table to redeem, upgrade, or reroll unwanted items. Here are a few additional details:


Redeem a single shard for 7-day limited time use or redeem permanent loot to add it to your collection.


Reroll three similar types of loot into permanent loot of the same type (for example, reroll three different champion shards into a permanent champion guaranteed not to be a duplicate of one you own).



Breakdown loot into essences. These essences are used to upgrade other items from shards to permanent loot.


Use essence to transform single shards into permanent loot. Champion Essences upgrade champions, Cosmetic Essences upgrade everything else.

Launching Loot

We’re excited to share Hextech Crafting with all of you and we’re looking for your feedback. We’ll update you soon with plans to debut the system on live.